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About Us (by Sasha):

We practice what some might consider an unusual lifestyle, but it works well for us and we try hard to focus on what we consider important to us in this life, the things we can experience and effect. Like a friend of mine says: we make the most of all that comes, and the least of all that goes.

In 2007, we sold our house, our furniture and most all the extra stuff that we did not need nor want. We did this to live full time in our RV, to travel the USA and in particular, spend a lot of time in the most beautiful places in this country. More on that later….

Laura had a multidisciplinary background as an accredited geologist, computer trainer, web designer and small business owner. I worked in the commercial AudioVisual industry at for over 25 years, over half of that time at the senior designer level. I’ll say that meeting Laura did wonders for my career, but that is another story….

Laura and I are soul mates, having lucked into love at first sight quite literally. We got married in 1997 and have no children of our own. Shortly after marriage, we planned a new home from scratch, from an empty dirt lot in a new home subdivision and oversaw it’s construction each day, stud by stud, wire by wire, until completion 5 months later. We outfitted our home with tasteful, quality furnishings and added a huge deck in the back with a hot tub and built-in grill. We got to know the neighbors shortly after and assumed at the time we would live in this, our dream home, for a lifetime.

We went forth from this point, loving life, our home and our careers. We liked the fact that it was in a HOA and that everyone had to keep their lawn looking good. We bought in 1998, and we had equity in the home. We were slowly paying off the mortgage and property values were rising at the time. We bought into the whole suburban living thing.

After a few years however, it seemed that the longer we lived in our home, the less satisfaction we got back, both in terms of home ownership itself and the particulars of our suburban lifestyle.

Maybe I was going through the mid-life crisis, maybe not. But we wanted to go out and be more adventurous again. We had become couch potatoes. We ate in front of the TV at dinner, we did not exercise, and we were becoming quite heavy and flabby. Was the house the reason? When we first met, we kayaked, hiked, biked, white water rafted, skied, cross-country skied, and camped. We had done none of those things when we got the house. We had put all of our energies into the house and not into the fun things that had made us fall in love with each other.

At the time, we thought the solution to our dissatisfaction was to get an RV for weekend getaways. We thought an RV would be just the ticket to re-energize our lives.


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