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Our Adventures as Laura-n-Sasha

Adventures of

We have an unusual lifestyle, way different than most of our contemporaries.  With no children and no house (nor so much stuff) we travel part of the year and work at a nonprofit for five months of the year. We are found online and off, with a very recent person stating to Sasha,

Are you Sasha of Laura-n-Sasha website? Really? We follow your adventures. I was too shy to come over before, but I just wanted you to know, we saved thousands of dollars using your advise. You guys are our heroes in this RVing world.

We were blown away by those comments. The first of being too shy which was too bad, and the second, where they saw us as heroes. We do not feel like we are, we just want to help others realize that they too can do these adventures, dreams, and choices. So come follow along, here are some of the adventures we have had or will have around the next corner.

Our Adventures

  • 2005: The Trip to Get the Camper: When we went to Colorado to get the truck camper, we left on a two week vacation. We came back excited for more.
  • 2006: Atlanta Trip
  • 2006: Truck Camper Rally
  • 2006: Sedona with Laura’s Parents
  • 2006: The Long Trip
  • 2007: Starting our Full-Time Experience
  • 2008: Workamping For the First Time
  • 2009: Sasha’s Retirement, National Park Service, & Volunteerism
  • 2010: Working for National Parks
  • 2011: Opportunities
  • 2012: Visits with Family
  • 2013: Working for the Forest Service
  • 2014: Nonprofits and Earning Money
  • 2015: Getting into the Groove of our RVing Lifestyle
  • 2016….


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