Going to Colorado & Getting Camper – 2005

Getting Camper: The Start of Our Adventures

The Trip to Get the Camper: When we went to Colorado to get the truck camper, we left on a two week vacation. We came back excited for more.

[Future Laura These pages found here are from our very old Laura-n-Sasha website from 2005. Yes, I was writing and designing websites even before that time. Many different formats until I could find the right one now.]

Still trying to find all of the pictures of this trip, so they will be coming in slowly, as I put in the words that I found in the bowels of my computer. 

The links to each day of our Getting the Camper Adventure:


Follow along on our first adventure as we go to Get the Camper.

We did not have expenses as this was for only two weeks, but the main expense would have been getting the Camper.


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