The Long Trip – 2006

The Long Trip

A Year After the 2005 Trip, We Needed MORE!

We had gone on a few other trips in 2006, mostly during the weekends, and a truck camper rally too. Sasha had accumulated enough hours and days from work to get a 6-week sabbatical! Since my business was working with Realtors for marketing, online marketing, and websites, I told them that I could do their work remotely and online. For the most part, it worked.

There are over a dozen pages that will be linked to this page that have to do with The Long Trip of 2006. New to this website, though, will be an expenses page, and other pertinent pages including our Old Guestbook and FAQ pages.

[Future Laura: These pages found here are from our very old Laura-n-Sasha website from 2006. It is amazing to go back and see the pictures, and the people following us back then, and we hope they come back to follow us now.] Sasha is uploading the pictures, I have to put in the pages/posts, and we should have it all ready to go (along with expenses!!) soon. Enjoy!  

The links to each day of our Getting the Camper Adventure:

We are no longer Newbies after all. We managed to boondock for two-thirds of the trip and had tons of fun meeting new people and riding. We even calculated out the expenses doing a daily trip expenses spreadsheet. I will post those at the end.


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