Ah, Food Expenses High Again

The Finances of Living in a Truck Camper:
August 2008

Workamper Living

Working at Campground & Sasha working full-time

August – Ah, Food Expenses High Again

Our RV Spot

Our RV Spot

August, can we keep up the low expenses? Nope, but close to the numbers I wanted. Hot Summer August, you are killing us but not as bad as we thought. We just have to make sure we use up all of the dried fruit.

Expenses for August 2008

  • Food, Food and Household: $196.99
  • Food, Provisions: $140.91
  • Food, PYO/Farmers Market: $79.48
  • Food, Out to Eat: $175.85
  • Clothing, All: $7.88
  • Transportation, Tolls: $12.00
  • Transportation, Car Gas: $152.28
  • Transportation, Diesel: $0
  • Transportation, Motorcycle, Gas: $72.64
  • Transportation, Registration, Car: $6.00
  • Transportation, Motorcycle, Extra Gas: 56.33*
  • Camper Expenses: Services: $16.58
  • Communication, Cell Phone(s): $0
  • Communication, Hosting: $0
  • Health, Insurance (Laura): $113.00
  • Health, Dentist: $172.76
  • Recreation, Books/CDs: $0
  • Recreation, Gifts: $59.14
  • Recreation, Fun Stuff: $1.94

Total Expenses = $1,263.87

Expenses Higher This Month

Some of the expenses are higher this month than last month, because I bought more at farmer’s markets and pick your own farms.

Still Stocking Up & Picking Fresh Fruit

I did this because we eat lots of dried fruit in the winter and so I am deferring the cost. So I buy peaches for $0.89 a pound now, dry them and three pounds of peaches equals approximately one pound dried. As last year’s cost for dried peaches was $4.09 at Trader Joe’s, I figure I am saving a bit for the winter.

We did go out a bunch for lunch and dinner. We will have to cut back a bit on that.

Buying Clothes at Thrift Stores – Save the Planet

I actually bought some clothes at a thrift store for the wedding I am going to in September. Now if I could only get some shoes! Will have to start looking. I rather buy clothes at a thrift store. I’m not increasing the buying philosophy, I’m not giving more money to cheap manufacturing in China, and I am recycling clothing. How cool is that?

Transportation Costs Increase 

We bought extra gas for Sasha’s motorcycle, using our Jerry Cans to stock up, and the total gas amount for the car and the motorcycle was $281.25 this month vs $289.44 of last month – so that is pretty much a wash. Present Day Laura – I said it was a wash, but still, it is around $7 savings. When you find a gas station with good prices, we stock up, just like you do for food. When you have the different Jerry Cans like we do, why not use them? We had them for gas, diesel, and water.

Da*n Dentists 

The biggest expense it seems was the dentist bill. We have used up all of the money for the FSA this year, we did not put enough into it, because of the dentist. Although we want to get healthy, getting screwed on tooth care really bites the big one! So we will have to put more money into the FSA next year.

Gifts Galore

We had a few birthdays and other parties that we went to this month, so that is the gifts section. Next month is also a busy one for birthdays and weddings, plus we will be doing some traveling. We have decided against bringing the Truck Camper with us to NJ, as the diesel prices will certainly be higher this month, with hurricane season upon us.

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