Am I a Vertical or Horizontal Planner and Person?

Happy New Year!
Am I a Vertical or Horizontal
Planner & Person?

Laura & Sasha's Excellent Adventure!

Laura & Sasha’s Excellent Adventure

Brain Dumps for Goals, the round-about way of finding what I want.

This post is pretty rambling. I use a method called Brain Dump to come to some ideas and I put all of the words into this post.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day can be one of contemplation of the past and future. People scramble to make contributions to charities, their 401Ks, retirement accounts and quarterly taxes. Planners are busy figuring out their past year, what worked and what did not. The stores are still packed with planners and calendars and day-timers galore.

Organization is key even if you do not know where to begin.

Plan to be Happy

Happy Is as Happy Does

Trying to Be A Horizontal Planner

For me, and many people I know, we write in a horizontal manner. I write big, as big as the line is on a piece of paper, partly to read what I wrote afterwards, and partly to fill the space. I tend not to write in the margins, until after a reading correcting the text. Then it all goes into my word document of writing blog posts.

So my thought was, If I write horizontally, do I plan horizontally too? I tried horizontal planning for a week, with a DIY planner on ½ sized paper (Junior sized). Made the boxes for each day of the week. I even put in a sticker, and then felt I had no room to write!

Not only was I going from vertical to horizontal, I was going from a Big Happy Planner of 8.5 x 11 inches to a Junior Planner of 5.5 x 8.5 inches.  As I went smaller, I felt cramped and instead hardly planned at all.

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My Solution?

Keep the Big Happy Planner that I have now, and will continue to have until the end of March. Might as well use up what I have, I figure.

When you write lists, to-dos, ideas, and more, you write vertically. Sentences are written horizontally. Why not create a planner that has your days’ vertically and then pages after the week that are lined for blog writing and journaling? Some planners are a page a day, like DayTimer and  FranklinPlanner.

Why not put in my planner my notebooks? You know the ones, the lined pages you get as though you are still in school? Those. I will take out the binding that holds them and punch. I still have tons of notebooks with lines of big and small. I can use these empty ones to write on the horizontal while my planning will be on the vertical.


No Hourly Planning for Me!

But I am not an hourly planner either! I don’t plan each hour of the day because, well, I don’t get up as early and I don’t work that way. My life isn’t 9-5, it is more of a Crack of Noon Club member, with breakfast around 9 or 10 am, lunch at 2 or 3 pm or waiting until an early dinner of 4 or 5 pm. Back to checking out Social Media in the afternoon, and watch a few shows at night, play a few games, and go to bed around midnight. Most planner hours are totally different, usually starting at 6 am!! NO THANK YOU!!!

This means for me, I have to go DIY – Do It Yourself. I’ve got lined paper, plus blank paper galore. I just need a ruler. I got tons of colored erasable frixion pens. And the time to write it all out.



Notebook for writing horizontal

For Now

Vertical Big Happy Planner with lined paper after each week. However, my week will start on Thursday. Gasp, WHAT?

How many times have you said, “I work for the weekends”? Or “I live for the weekends”? Why not work to make weekends your life instead? Why have the weekends at the end of the week when really, the weekend is where you want to be?

Most planners, especially Happy Planners, fold in the middle, around Wednesday and Thursday. If my week starts on a Thursday, I would flip the page over, and have the rest of my week. It might not look as pretty, but that way, at the end of the week, I have lined paper to write what I really need. And this way I can plan vertically and write horizontally.

I will be able to use up my many, many notebooks. The notebooks will get the planner punches in the margins. And then I can place them in the planner.

Ultimately, once March is over, I might go to a smaller planner, like one that is half the size, a Junior planner. However, I would still need my lines to write. I would only have three to six months in my planner at any given time.

Planning Vertically Blog Horizontally

Planner = Vertical but Horizontal Writing

Second Part for the Planner

If I have a DIY Planner, a month would be on one side and then the lined pages would be on the back side of the page. This will utilize both sides of the brain. The one side of the brain will see a graphical representation of the month. The other side of the brain and the page will see a written representation of the month.

What Do You Mean by Horizontal or Vertical Person? 

Many people tend to think one way or another, sort of similar to scientific or creative. A creative person might think in curves and pie charts, while a scientist thinks in lines and tables.

Trouble happens when you have the two thought processes intermingle. My Dad is an engineer and my Mom is creative with many things. I have both of their thought processes in my brain. This means for me, I have words I want to get out, but they are sometimes in a rambling mess, even as I try to be orderly.

Mind Blown, and A Brain Dump Later

I finally pulled myself away from my screen last Friday, determined to write at least a bit for our blog, and the January 1st post.

I hear shooting in the background; we are at Clark County Shooting Complex in Northern Las Vegas, and the talking of the next-door folks and whatever noise their rig is making and try to focus on writing. As I look out on the skyline of Las Vegas, I notice a haze which makes the mountains almost obscured. Somewhere out there, Sasha is.

I have no idea of the time, except that it was 1 pm when I came out. The warmth of the sun on my face is alleviated by the slight breeze. A few corn chips on my side table with a Dr. Pepper as my dessert. I had a great lunch outside a few bites ago, with the black beans and rice mixture, a little bit of cheese, salsa and cucumbers. Aren’t the black beans and rice what you are supposed to eat for the New Year?

A car races (sort of) past. Friday night, when Sasha gets back (night being relative as it is dark at 4:30) our truck should be fixed, and I will have to work on:

  • How to make an RSS feed (actually no, I did not have to, but wanted to, and did)
  • Redoing the second Podcast as I was too “dry”, (nope, we decided to do that one together on a road trip on January 1st)
  • Creating a worksheet for the Boondocking Series (that will probably be put off until after January 1st ).
  • Creating the Excel spreadsheet to be downloaded (Yes, done!)
  • Ultimately come up with another Series, which should not be hard to do, I seem to have created one with this post.

At the same time as doing all of these things, I want to do others, like just relax and read. But I get to do that in the mornings and in the evenings.

The sun is already moving and I’ve got to get started on the New Year’s Day post. Interesting smells coming out of that rig, almost like sweet tobacco but then it is gone.

A New Year’s post on the first, I cannot seem to reach it. Talked about horizontal and vertical but WHAT DO I REALLY WANT?

I can tell you this

  • I wish that my planner was already perfect right now.
  • I don’t have a printer to test out pages and going to Office Depot or FedEx seems so lame especially when I don’t know what I want.
  • I wish my planner was small enough to fit into my High Sierra Backpack but big enough to write in my notebooks.
  • I wish our neighbor’s dog didn’t poop right in front of me, on our site. Do they ever come back and clean it up? Somehow, I doubt it. Little poops all over.
  • I wish our website got more visitors like it did back in 2006/2007/2008. It is possible to get that way again, I’m sure but how?
  • I wish I was proficient on social media and knew how to do podcasts, RSS feeds, etc. Since I don’t, what can I do to get better?
  • I wish my planner had a hard back and front, not as floppy as it is now. I suppose if I paid extra for a leather cover, it would work better. It wouldn’t look as frayed. I could still get pink too, I would just have to pay for it.
  • I wish I could afford the training at All About Planners. But it is $497 or some other such nonsense price. I just cannot see myself spending that much money when I still have to print out my own workbooks, use my own bandwidth to watch the videos, and I don’t see the real return on the investment.
  • I know stating “I wish” is crazed, that instead I need to make plans, but this is how a brain dump works, you write down everything and then formulate better plans later.

I do know that we need business cards. As a matter of fact, we need them sooner rather than later, as we will be headed to a four day event next weekend. Probably will get them from FedEx as they are the cheapest and fastest way to get business cards, although Zazzle has great ones as well.

Continuing with the Brain Dump

I want to provide a service to those that read our website, but how? Our mission is to live softly upon the earth, but how can it be soft if we’re asking people to buy stuff? How about if we try it first and become an affiliate of the products? That is something I have been doing for a long time anyway, we can just try to make it more official.

I am an advocate for buying less and reusing what you got. Personally, we tend to buy something and wear it out. So I guess at this conference we are going to, I will have to ask how to reconcile with buying less and making do.

If we go by way of Affiliate Marketing, I can write blog posts and give podcasts that are “sponsored by” the affiliates.

I can still write a book, I think writing a book series would be good for my soul. Using our own form of financial wellness and independence to explain our lifestyle.

Using frugality, financial wellness, creativity and being able to enjoy the outdoors for adventure. To never be bored!

We Have a Good Life

I know my own life is pretty amazing. Sasha’s too. We get to enjoy beautiful places, we do fabulous rides, and our problems are first world. We do not worry about where our next meal is coming, but at the same time, I like to live as though we were poor.

I like making our expenses as low as we can. It does not always turn out that way nor work. I think everything is done that could be done, and then something else happens.

  • We are healthy but could be thinner and healthier.
  • We could exercise more and read more and write more.
  • Watch less TV and hang out more with others.
  • We tend to be on social media quite a bit especially Facebook and Facebook Groups. It always amazes me when someone I meet is not on Facebook.
  • Just as it amazes me how many people post video blogs or vlogs. I thought we could do something like that but we just don’t have the bandwidth. Even though I got a new phone and a new internet system, I feel I cannot be on all the time. Nor do I want to.
  • I used to be a HUGE gamer. But I have been limiting myself to only a couple of hours a night. Nothing during the day. That rule has been the hardest for me.
  • However, by not gaming, my writing is better and the blog posts are flowing out of me.

Brain Dump Over, I Have Some Goals:

  • I want to worry less: 2017 was the year of worrying: about healthcare, taxes, the president, our jobs, our life energy, our truck, our RV’s solar batteries, our RV’s refrigerator, my health, Sasha’s health, Sasha’s big toe…
    • This is always possible, and I do not need to read the news as much as I did before. I just cannot worry like I used to, it does not make me healthy.
  • I want to meet more RVing people: While we enjoyed being in West Yellowstone for the past four summers and being part of that community, most of those folks are not RVers. There are always a few, but we want to be around more like-minded people like ourselves.
    • Being in a few Facebook groups is great, but then I need to reach out and become friends with those that want it too.
  • I want to read more books: I am a reader for sure, and I read a good amount of books. But reading actual books rather than snippets of news is what I want. They can be nonfiction and fiction. I got a kindle and I got Amazon Prime, so I should be able to download a few now.
    • Plan: At least 2 hours a day to read, every morning once I get up, to once I finish breakfast.
  • I want to write more: my goal of writing at least once a day is certainly achievable. Getting out all those notebooks and writing in them is not hard. Sometimes you have to do a brain dump before you get useful stuff and that is just what I have to do.
    • Plan: At least 2 hours a day but sometimes it has to be more. Brain dumps seem to work for me, so why not just write until it feels good?
  • I want a planner that deals with my vertical and horizontal thinking. It would be a mish-mash in the beginning, with lists in the vertical and lines in the horizontal, and colors throughout, but I believe it can be done, I just have to make it.
    • This is starting to happen already, I just need to punch the pages. DONE
  • I want to write a book or two or three. I do think I would be good at it, and certainly have plenty to write about. Just living this lifestyle gives us tons of ideas.
    • This definitely can happen. Start off with January 2nd and write or re-write the outline. From there, flesh out the chapters and just like NaNoMo, figure out how many words per day.
  • I want to learn more about things I would be good at, my creative juices might be flowing, but if I don’t know how to begin, what good are they?
    • The best place to start is Udemy. They have tons of online classes that can be taken for cheap and on sale now. Plus, I need to finish up on a few that I started in 2017 and get them done. Each week work for at least 1 hour a day on learning.
  • I want to be warm. The sun is going down. It is 4:10 pm and the sun will hit the mountains shortly. Sasha will be home soon, (and another blog post will be written about his day, haha), but the dishes haven’t been done so I’ll leave the post as such.
    • Hahahaha, while we are in Las Vegas, we are warmer than most everyone else. Get the annoying chores done earlier rather than later, after the tea and breakfast are over.

Actually, I did not leave the post with that last bullet point. These are some goals for the new year. I am sure I will have more…What goals are you going to try to achieve?

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  1. Carla Capuano

    Wow, you are really writing a lot. Putting it on paper certainly helps you organize your thoughts and goals.

    1. The Webmistress

      Exactly! And yes, I have been writing more. Maybe a new year resolution or maybe I just have more to write about but life is great!

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