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The Finances of Living in a Truck Camper:
May 2009

NPS Working, Living & Playing

Learning to Work for NPS and How Not to Work

May – The Basics

Us & NPS

Laura & Sasha at Cape Hatteras

May – May was the first month of Sasha not working and us getting used to resort prices. Hope the expenses are not as bad as April. Nope, not as bad, but still not where we want it to be.

We are so excited though to be living IN a national park and learning the ropes.

Our Expenses might be a little high, but we were getting used to the area, and spending a little time going out to eat plus making our living space truly our home.

Expenses for May 2009

  • Food, Food and Household: $277.79
  •         , Provisions, $109.99
  •         , Farmer’s Market: $21.40
  •         , Out to Eat: $275.85
  • Clothing, All: $2.10
  • Transportation, Truck, Diesel: $187.85
  •                        , Motorcycle, Gas: $11.32
  • Utilities, Rent (NPS): $160.00
  • Camper, Services & Stuff: $409.62
  • Communication, Hosting/Domain: $38.93
  •                          , Verizon: $103.62
  •                          , Extra Electronics: $15.71
  • Health, Insurance (L): $113.00
  • Recreation, Gifts: $25.00
  •                  , Fun Stuff: $80.86
  •                  , Garden: $97.35
  •                  , Books: $1.05
  • Taxes, VA State Taxes: $815.93

Total Expenses = $2,747.37

Expenses Stay High As We Learn

It seems we still spent a bit of money on things, but again always necessary things. The food costs around here are high, both in groceries and in eating out meals. So we are hoping next month that we will spend less than $300 in food & household & provisions, and less than $100 in Meals to Go. We shall see.

Shorts Sale 

I bought a pair of shorts at the thrift store here – very nice pair, as you can see, for $2.10. Some of my other pairs had holes in them, so it was time to get “new”, but having a thrift store so close is great.

Transportation Costs Less – Walking More 

Thankfully we only needed to fill up once, for the truck, but that one time, we also got another 25 gallons of diesel that we can use when we get close to empty. It is really nice to have that extra diesel cans. The motorcycle was also filled up only once, we have been walking more than anything.

Low Rent but High On Bugs

Rent is actually less than $160, but since it comes right out of my paycheck, we do not feel the pain of having to pay it. But having low rent means that, in our case, we had to spend more on “Camper Expenses”. It seems the tick is very prevalent in this area and there are tons of ants and other bugs. So we got poison to put down, and a weed-whacker to cut the grass (because Maintenance does not come here to do that – but again LOW RENT!) We also got a little cart to bring our stuff to the beach, especially useful now that we are going to the beach more often.

Since there are lots of bugs, we also got lots of insect repellent – again, I put that in the camper services area.   The wood for the outdoor shower also was this month too, and that when to camper services. So there was a bit of stuff that we bought to “improve” the site and our own well being. I think that those purchases were all well worth it.

One Internet Card for Us Both

We finally bite the bullet on Verizon and broke down to get an internet card. Actually it was to get a wireless system in place so that both of us can be on the internet at the same time. It is working well, but we have not been doing any major downloads, as we do not want to go over the 5 GB limit. But I have not had the time to watch TV anyway, so I guess it is all relative.

We also paid for the hosting and domain name this month; thankful that people help out by checking out our website. This gives us some residual money which pays for the website and domain. We thank you all for checking us out!

Health Insurance Will Be Going Up Soon

This is the last month for paid health insurance for Sasha, next month we will be paying that. He was able to get onto a COBRA plan, and we will probably do that for as long as we can, and then switch to a high deductible plan like I have.

Healthy Fun and Not So Healthy Fun

I am having lots of fun in my garden, I have started to see flower buds for the tomatoes, so I can only hope that we will start to get some in August. The Basil and chives are looking good, but the string bean plants are a little thin. We shall see if they make it.

Sasha also bought cigars in the beginning of the month, HOPEFULLY these will last a long time. Again, the thrift store came through for us, we got 3 books for a dollar, so not too bad a catch.

Oh, and the last thing, state taxes….Well, we won’t have to pay so much next year. Another mistake easily learned.

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