Boondockers Checking Out Campgrounds

Boondockers Checking Out Campgrounds
January 2017

Campground Living

What Are These Campground People Thinking?

Yes, we know we are different. We like wide open places and darkness at night. We like to hear nature and birds and the sun shining on us. We can deal with the rain and wind. Don’t give us snow, no thank you.

We came to Florida hoping for sunny, warm weather in a campground that had a pool and many activities. So far the sun, warmth, and pool are turning out well. Other stuff, not so much.

When you are paying $732 a month AND have to pay for electricity too, your expectations are a little higher. We know that there are campgrounds in Florida that are asking for over $1000 a month plus electricity, and we wanted to see what is was that they offered.

We decided to take a road trip through Central Florida on a colder (55 degrees) but sunny Sunday. Here is our report:

Three Campgrounds All Different! 

  • Paradise Oaks RV Resort
  • Recreation Plantation Campground
  • Citrus Valley RV Resort

A True Campground for RVers

Paradise Oaks RV Park:  Family Owned and Run Park

Observations From The Road:

Odd Couple Cafe near RV park. Train tracks near Main Street. Thrift store close by. High school close. Winn Dixie very close. Very few trees.  Have a gate. Pull throughs in the front.

The concrete pad sites are the best. However most of the sites are on grass with a small spot for a picnic table but there are no picnic tables.

Do not know the speed of the Wi-Fi. No one seem to know the password. Because they don’t seem to use it which is weird.

There is a library in the rec area.  However I was not able to see the library because they were having bingo in their rec hall.

Overall these are nice spots if you like grass. There are no trees over the spots. Once you add concrete, then you pay for a premium site.


  • We are in agricultural area so that means that there aren’t as many lights, sirens and other things around.
  • They have an activities director actually a couple.
  • Bingo seems very, very popular.
  • New exercise equipment. They might have a pick your own farms around here of this is in Bushnell so that might be the case.
  • They have a café in the rec hall that is open during certain times of the day and had great snacks.
  • Nice office and there is a state college very close.


  • There is not enough pavement. This means that all of the sites should have concrete or asphalt and not all of them do.
  • There is agriculture around here which means if the wind blows the wrong way there might be strange smells. (horses on neighboring farm).
  • There is a railroad and the sounds are pretty strong.
  • There is no shopping directly around the campground.
  • There is no water aerobics on the schedule however you could do it it’s just that there is nobody doing it right now.

Overall: This is a nice campground for the 55+ crowd who like bingo on Sundays, fun activities, and an agricultural setting.

A Park Model Netherworld

Recreation Plantation RV Resort: Very Few RVs Here

Observations From The Road:

There is a racetrack close by here, micro racetrack, but still it’s a racetrack. This is like farmland again. The trees along this road too close! Lots of horses and cows around here. This is the most convoluted way to get to a campground I certainly hope that this is not the normal way.

There are a ton of cars on this road I don’t know why we don’t quite understand that the only thing we can think of is a church traffic, we see a Baptist church oh yeah there you go.

We come to make the turn, and this is what we were saying to each other…

Shucks! All park models as far as the eye can see with only a few places that have real RVs. Office not even open!

RVs are parked on the grass there’s no picnic tables whatsoever this is really really sad. Did not stop at the rec center on because there’s no way in gods’ green earth that we would ever stay here.

Well, that was a sad experience the plantation recreation thing is just really sad.

Overall: This is a park model place (not a campground at ALL!) People if you have an  RV, there has got to be a better place to go.

Pictures of the day…scroll down for the last campground review.

An Owners’ Club But Something is Missing…

Citrus Valley RV Resort: For Owners Who Want to Escape the Cold

We wanted to check out this one because we’d like to see what Florida has to offer in the RV Lots for sale as an investment. We already have a place in Moab, UT that we get income from, but if there was something good in Florida, we wanted to know about it.

After talking to an owner, we found out that the season is relatively short here. Maybe three months of good income but then the rest is not very high at all.

Even though we were there in January, not all of the sites were taken. It was not full. Considering how many of the other campgrounds or RV resorts are full this time of the year, it was shocking to see this one as ~ 75% full.

Observations From The Road:

Lots of water and lakes around here. Gated community checking in offices are open and is the right in the front.


  • Large Lots compared to where we are now, and what we have seen
  • They have two activities directors.
  • Very Large Pool but no one in it today
  • Veterans Group who organize activities
  • Nice office
  • Close to Orlando and shopping


  • We did not see a rec hall, so we are not sure where they do their activities nor dancing or parties
  • There are no indoor showers near the pool, just outdoor ones
  • Construction on the road coming into the park
  • Short season for rentals, only really 3 months!
  • If you buy, you have to pay for landscaping. While they will mow the grass, anything else that is done to the site is the owner’s responsibility. Therefore, not so good for people who want an investment property and keeping costs down.

Overall: This is a good campground for those that want to buy and live onsite. The property taxes, 25% of the rentals’ income, HOA fees, and landscaping fees basically means you break even.

While we were disappointed in the second campground, we were happy that we went and viewed these campgrounds. All three are distinctive in their own way. They give us an idea of what we DO NOT Want in a campground, what is nice, and what is possible.

How about you, have you found a good campground that you like? Let us know in the comments below!


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    1. Laura Post author

      It really depends on what you like. For us, we need a larger site than most and we want a heated pool. If those two criteria are not met, what is the point of staying there?

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