Boondocking Tips: Staying Connected

Boondocking Tips Before You Boondock Series
Staying Connected

Laura & Sasha's Excellent Adventure!

Laura & Sasha’s Excellent Adventure

Boondocking Tips Before You Boondock
This is Laura & Sasha of Laura-n-Sasha’s Excellent Adventure coming to you from Clark County Shooting Complex, a campground in North Las Vegas, NV. We are using the campground as a place to do chores until we leave to boondock in amazing places.

Sasha has a boondocking spreadsheet that he started on December 18, 2013. As it is the fourth anniversary of that spreadsheet, we thought it might be nice to go over our Boondocking Tips Before You Boondock.

From December 18, 2013 to now, we’ve boondocked 393 days. That is with four summers (May through September 30th) of being connected in an RV spot. Every spring, fall, and winter of 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 we were boondocked for part of the time.


Where UPS & FEDEX Fear to Tread

Internet & Phone

Before you go to a boondocking spot, you want to check your connections: if you have Verizon or their re-sellers, you are more than likely covered. In the past, we had a Verizon data card and AT&T cell phones. That way if one does not work, usually the other one does.

Now we’re are on data and cellular plan through US Mobile (thanks to MIA). US Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). They re-sell Verizon and T-Mobile. Our plan is on Verizon and for now as a temporary solution we are tethering our iPhones for internet in the rig.

Search on Amazon

Our hope is to get WiFi Ranger SkyProII, a system that would be great for internet if it would ultimately come out! We currently have their CORE router for inside the rig but are looking forward to their roof mount component which would complete our system.

As you go to a boondocking site, the further you get from the main road, the less connected you will be. Sometimes just one more inch could be the difference between connected or not. Even with boosters such as Wilson antenna, if you go remote enough, nothing will get you connected. Typically, that is the time that people go for satellite systems. Too expensive for us, but if you have to do so for work, using a system like Hughes Net might be the way to go.


Mail & News The Old Fashioned Way

Getting Mail: We have a mail service through Mail & More out of Pahrump, NV. Escapees offers another very popular mail service. When you are boondocking, it really does not matter what your mail service is, what matters is where you are going to pick up your mail.

Some USPS post offices allow general delivery, but you have to ask first. Usually that means physically going to their office as post office phone numbers are hard to find. You may not get FedEx or UPS packages delivered to a Post office. Each one seems to be different. You certainly cannot get FedEx or UPS to your boondocking site.

====>> SITTING OUTSIDE <<====
This is probably the best way to get connected to others in your area while you are boondocking. You might get the news of other events happening, meet some new neighbors, pet some dogs, and get some rays.



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