Boondocking Tips: Personal Hygiene

Boondocking Tips Before You Boondock Series
Personal Hygiene

Laura & Sasha's Excellent Adventure!

Laura & Sasha’s Excellent Adventure

Boondocking Tips Before You Boondock
This is Laura & Sasha of Laura-n-Sasha’s Excellent Adventure coming to you from Clark County Shooting Complex, a campground in North Las Vegas, NV. We are using the campground as a place to do chores until we leave to boondock in amazing places.

Sasha has a boondocking spreadsheet that he started on December 18, 2013. As it is the fourth anniversary of that spreadsheet, we thought it might be nice to go over our Boondocking Tips Before You Boondock.

From December 18, 2013 to now, we’ve boondocked 393 days. That is with four summers (May through September 30th) of being connected in an RV spot. Every spring, fall, and winter of 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 we were boondocked for part of the time.

Hite Glen Canyon NRA

Hite Glen Canyon NRA views and Boondocking, 4-20-2016

Personal Hygiene

As we stated before in Water Usage, taking showers every day is less likely. Baby wipes help with the feeling of cleanliness. Plus, having shorter hair for both men and women, will make showers very quick. Try, before boondocking, to make a game of who can do the shortest shower time and still be clean. And also try, who can use the least amount of water a game as well.

Do not have the showerhead running the entire time you are shampooing. When boondocking, I use Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap and do not need conditioner. Use only one or two drops, rub to make a lather, and use on hair and body. If you use the Peppermint type, you will be awake very quickly.

Use a bucket to catch the beginnings of your shower. Or keep it in the shower to catch as much water as possible. You can then use that water for flushing the toilet.

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In regards to the toilet, do not put anything down there besides human waste. No toilet paper, baby wipes, hair, feminine hygiene products, etc. These take too much water to help them go down, and once they get wet, they tend to stick to the sides of the pipes. They are the culprits of clogged RV pipes. All of these things should be put into a lined wastebasket.

Unfortunately, boondocking means more trash in some instances. However, it is never more trash than living in a house.

Sasha's Take on Finances

Short Hair on Sasha

Hair dryers use 1000 Watts of energy, similar to a microwave. This means that you typically would have to use a generator to dry your hair. Instead, find a hairstyle that allows wash and go. Men have it easier with a buzz cut, but by having short easy to manage hair, there will be less wasteful water. By cutting out the make-up, there is even more water saved.

Give your face a rest, using a baby wipe to clean your face than soap and water.

Regarding teeth and mouth cleaning, when you brush or floss, do not run the water! Best practice is keeping a water bottle at the sink, wetting down the toothbrush with paste and water, do the deed and then rinse over the toothbrush. Take a sip of water, gargle, and then spit out over the toothbrush and drain.

We also use a mixture of half hydrogen peroxide and half water for a rinse of the mouth, teeth and gums. Hydrogen peroxide has a bunch of great uses, especially for cleaning. Never, EVER put full strength hydrogen peroxide in your mouth.

OHV Area 2006

If you are mud covered, all bets are off…

Washing clothes

Usually if you have a washer and dryer in your rig, you will need to have hook-ups.

I have found that most of the time, I can wear a shirt or pants for multiple days before washing. Having two weeks of underwear also helps between washing days.

We have two sets of hand towels, dish towels, and cloth napkins to offset washing the same ones over and over. This extends the life of these items.

While I know some people wash their clothes in buckets or the bathtub, most boondocking spaces still are close enough to a town somewhere.

Washing clothes still takes a serious amount of water that would be better spent on washing yourself, drinking, or cooking. And if you can combine washing day with groceries and getting more water, then you are golden!

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