Boondocking Tips: Prepping for Boondocking

Boondocking Tips Before You Boondock Series
Prepping for Boondocking

Laura & Sasha's Excellent Adventure!

Laura & Sasha’s Excellent Adventure

Boondocking Tips Before You Boondock
This is Laura & Sasha of Laura-n-Sasha’s Excellent Adventure coming to you from Clark County Shooting Complex, a campground in North Las Vegas, NV. We are using the campground as a place to do chores until we leave to boondock in amazing places.

Sasha has a boondocking spreadsheet that he started on December 18, 2013. As it is the fourth anniversary of that spreadsheet, we thought it might be nice to go over our Boondocking Tips Before You Boondock.

From December 18, 2013 to now, we’ve boondocked 393 days. That is with four summers (May through September 30th) of being connected in an RV spot. Every spring, fall, and winter of 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 we were boondocked for part of the time.

Boondocking - Solar Out

ABC Boondocking

Prepping for Boondocking

It does not matter if you are staying in one place for a period or boondocking in several different areas over time, you still need certain items.

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  1. Your fresh water tanks and other water storage need to be full. Besides our tanks, we have four 5-gallon Scepter Containers, one 2-gallon Rubbermaid jug, one 1-gallon water pitcher, and six 1 to 2-Liter water bottles. Remember 1 gallon = 8+ pounds!
  2. Your grey and black tanks need to be completely empty. Go to a dump station and empty them. Most places also allow you to take water, but don’t take it from the same place as you emptied your tank. Potable water only! Empty your trash and recycling too.

  1. Get rid of cardboard items before boondocking. Using containers for food keeps everything fresh and stackable in your cabinets and pantry.
  2. Have all laundry and grocery shopping done. Try to do large batches of food already made so that you can quickly re-heat. Having a solar oven means using less propane.
San Rafael Swell

Iconic Boondocking Spot

  1. Fill up your propane tanks. You will be using propane for your refrigerator, cooking, and hot water heater. Having a spare, smaller tank is a good idea especially if you anticipate cold weather.
  2. Fill up your diesel and gas tanks. The gas is especially important for your generator for those cloudy days.
Financial Freedom

Someone is very happy!

More Prepping

  1. Have at least $10 in quarters for laundry and other items.
  2. Make sure everything – your truck, motorhome, rig, motorcycle, toys, whatever – are in good working order. Have extra parts and the knowledge to install or change if needed.
  3. Make sure to call the nearest post office to see if they accept general delivery for your mail.
  4. Have enough personal hygiene supplies for at least a month or two. Typical boondocking areas can be where there are expensive grocery stores, and therefore expensive personal hygiene supplies.
  5. Know and understand your solar energy system. Just having it is not enough. Remembering to unplug items if you do not get to 100% charge by sunset. You do not want drained batteries when you wake up.
  6. Download as many books, magazines, shows, and movies as possible. You may not have internet.
  7. Empty or transfer as much as you need from your phone to your laptop. You will be taking fabulous pictures and you want to have enough room for all of them.
  8. Have enough cash for those little emergencies that come up and folks don’t take checks or credit cards.



While this is a pretty extensive list of Boondocking Tips Before You Boondock, it is not all encompassing. We did both long and short term boondocking in a truck camper and a fifth wheel toyhauler.

In 2018, we plan to do more boondocking during the spring, summer, and fall seasons, more than we have done since we started RVing in 2005. We plan on upgrading our solar array system with new lithium batteries (maybe…). Our current AGM battery bank is now 8 years old and will need replacement in 2018.

We have the experience of boondocking that we wanted to share with others, especially those going on their first experience. We hope we have helped you get a sense of what you might need to have great boondocking adventures. Thank you and if you have any questions, please send us an email at

Some of the links in the series are affiliate links. This means that if you decide to buy these items we get a small incentive from the company. As you can see, we have used all of these products, some for a VERY LONG time.

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