Borrego Springs Boondocking

Boondocking in Borrego Springs, CA

How cool is it to be in such a beautiful space and no one else around? We boondocked at this spot and another near-by for a total of 17 days! While that is not a record for us, we felt we did not even touch the surface of the area with our stay.

There are so many riding places, hiking places, museums and art areas. We thought we would be back here this trip, but it got hot in the area and therefore we did not.

But we will be back! These pictures were taken over the course of a week, from January 25 to January 31, 2016.

These pictures are the ones we took of our second boondocking spot. The blue sky and puffy clouds are so gorgeous, and contrast so much with the desert colors. And then that night, the sunset was absolutely stunning, we decided it needed its very own page. And its own gallery. So check it out: Sunsets at Borrego Springs Area

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