Bye Bye Jeep & High Maintenance

Finances of Living in a Fifth Wheel Toyhauler
February 2013

Full Time RVing – Cheaper RVing?

Winter Traveling and Fees

February – High Transportation Costs & Bye Bye Jeep

Laura & Sasha Sweaty Hike at Valley of Fire State Park

Laura & Sasha Sweaty Hike at Valley of Fire State Park

Living in a state of fluidity as we do not know what this year will bring. We know we will be in Lake Mead for one more winter season. Laura searches for jobs in the National Park Service AND US Forest Service, and we bought Workamper News just in case we cannot find anything from the federal government.

The start of a very fluid three months. Living in Lake Mead and wondering where we will be for the summer.

February 2013 – Where are we – Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Expenses: For the Month of February: At Lake Mead – Had a Bad Problem with the Jeep, so it will be gone soon. What other vehicle expenses were high this month? 

Expenses for February 2013

  • Food, Food and Household: $169.99
  •         , Out to Eat: $151.64
  • Household, Laundry: $0
  •                  , Propane: $0
  •                  , Tools: $14.89
  • 5th Wheel: Upgrades: $0
  • Transportation, Diesel: $375.00
  •                        , Gasoline: $55.14
  •                        , Truck, Maintenance: $368.60
  •                        ,          , Upgrades: $533.75
  •                        , Jeep, Maintenance: $453.51
  •                        , Motorcycles, Registrations: $93.00
  • Communication, Cell Phone: $34.22
  •                          , InReach: $11.41
  •                          , Internet: $59.99
  •                          , Ebay/PP Fees: $45.33
  •                          , Postage: $39.76
  • Health, Both Insurance: $117.72
  •            , Doctor: $126.00
  •            , Glass Prescription: $130.00
  • Recreation, Fun Stuff, Gambling: $5.00

Total Expenses = $2,784.65

Normal Winter of Expenses

OK, February was expensive because well, just because every winter it seems it is expensive for some reason or another. Although part of the reason this time was the bad Jeep…

Out To Eat, Gluten Free & Counting Pennies

Food: Again, food was not that expensive this time around. We bought Gluten Free food for me, like Tostados and rice cakes, lots of chips, sour cream, half and half, popcorn, and then lots of fruit, vegetables, frozen fruit. We bought coffee and green tea, beer and milk, and eggs, sliced ham, and cheese.

Out to Eat: was more: as we went to the Super Bowl festivities at Calville Bay Marina $35 for all you can eat Mexican food, plus a few beers. Yes, I am Gluten Free, but beer is not so bad. I just have to be careful the next couple of days. We went to a couple of new places this month, Sweet Tomatoes and Pit Stop in Boulder City. Good food, but I doubt we would go back as both were for Lunner (Lunch/Dinner) and each was $20 a pop. Considering we can get a great buffett at Fiesta for $14.95 including tax and tip for the two of us, these places were just a bit more expensive.

Household/5th Wheel, Tools:  Bought Lubes for the vehicles and RV. Sasha will have to tell you what they do, I haven’t a clue.

Transportation: The big expense for the month.
We bought diesel. It has been two months, and we bought it as close to the end of the month as we could. Hopefully it will last another two months, but don’t know for sure.

Bought gas for Jeep. This would be the last time we would buy gas for the Jeep.

Truck Maintenance. A hit on this. Underground Diesel here in Las Vegas was putting in a Pyro Meter, Sasha got oil and filter from Amsoil, and a little bit of extra diesel for changing the oil on the truck.

Jeep Maintenance: was for the starter (which was why the Jeep broke down) a motor mount, and oil change. Bye Bye Jeep.

Both motorcycles had registration due, so not bad.

Truck Upgrade kind of goes with the maintenance: Diesel Tuner and labor from Underground Diesel.

Not too bad this month…Cause of Last Month!!

Communication: not bad this month. Cause it was all last month!
Cell phones for two of us: $34.22 ConsumerCellular!
Internet & InReach, same old, same old…
Postage: Sold more stuff on Ebay and because we were selling fools, we had to pay the Ebay fees, ugh. They are much higher than they used to be when we first started. But it is still the best way to sell stuff when you are able.

Health: Again, health insurance, but then a bill. This was from a Doc appointment that I had back in November 2012. Health insurance paid 1/3 and I had to pay 2/3 for a 5 minute appointment with a doctor for a prescription for a strong cough medicine. So really the cough medicine is the cost + the doc visit. NEVER GET SICK. Sigh…

Recreation: No Recreation except for Gambling at Fiesta Casino when we went. I was up for a while but then we lost $5.

Present Day Laura: Recreation and Gambling don’t really mix, I should have put it into losses but didn’t this time.  


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