Calling To All Utahans

Hey You, The Utahan Car Driver

Why do you drive so erratically?

Yesterday we drove from Tremonton to the turn off to Route 6, and from there to past Price, UT. Along the way we saw six (6), yes six, accidents. Mostly on straight-aways, no curves, no rain, no bad weather at all.

The only explanation are these points:

  • Holiday weekend,
  • Beautiful weather,
  • Starting to get to rush hour
  • People rushing to get to wherever
  • Very few people use turn signals
  • Tailgating
  • Passing on the right
  • Not realizing that trucks and RVs need longer stop times
  • People not caring about the others on the road
  • The roads are bumpy and people want to get off them ASAP


Now I could be wrong about a couple of these things, but REALLY, REALLY People? What is the deal?

We saw one guy with his family for sure, on the highway. He blew past us with his truck loaded with ATVs, from a huge one in the bed, and a trailer with five ATVs, from the smallest, cutest one to several similar sized ones. Blew past us once the traffic emptied. He also took the turn for Route 6. We caught up to him changing a flat tire.


Thankfully there was a cop behind him, so that he wouldn’t get smashed. But still, what is the thinking? The trailer tire blew out, probably because he was driving too fast for all the weight he had on his truck and trailer.

So I would like to know, those that are Utahans especially, what gives? Are my above points valid? Is there something else I do not know? Am I too sensitive because we have not been in traffic very much? I know we live for a time where the only traffic jams are the bison, but I am from New Jersey, the home of “What Exit?” and going 8 miles over the speed limit is OK to most cops.

Thank you for your answers, we will probably see more of this as we head east.

Riding Day October 8, 2016

We are going to go for a ride to 9 Mile Canyon, were there are some famous petroglyphs. We will have some great pictures for tomorrow.

Oops, nope, change in plans, we will let you know tomorrow.

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