CampHost Financials – November 2007

The Finances of Living Remotely:
November 2007

New Position in a 1930’s Cabin

Volunteering 3 days a week and Sasha working full-time
Traveling with Family

Well, another move in Prince William Park, this time to the Cabin camp. It took a while for us to move, because I went up to New Jersey on November 4th through the 6th. We celebrated my nephew’s birthday (Brenden turned 7 years old!) My sister and I went up with the kiddies, to help my parents as well.

Houses Can Sell Even In a Bad Market

They listed their house in Westfield, NJ and sold it in 10 days. And we all thought the market was tanking! Well, I guess in that area they do not have to worry as much.

Grandparents November 2007

Grandparents November 2007

So my sister and I went through the things that we wanted to keep – me not much, and said goodbye to the house. My parents were very excited and a little nervous, because they were planning to ultimately move down to Williamsburg. But first, while the house was under contract, they got an apartment to live in down by the Jersey shore – in Avon-by-the-Sea. They got a year lease, which makes sense as they can spend the summer there too. This picture is my parents and the kiddies in front of the old house. ^^^

While I was up in New Jersey, Sasha was down at the cabin and his parents came over to see him and the cabin. So here are some pictures of that.

Explanations of the Pictures Above

I do not know what was on the lens that made this look so spotty. At the time, there was a fire ban going on, and so the people that weekend could not use the fireplace. The ban was lifted a couple of days later as we had gotten some much needed rain.

This is the Dining Hall of the cabin camp. This building was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) back in ~ 1936 and so it is a historical building. The benches were also built around that time too. This fireplace could be used during the fire ban as it was indoors.

Here is Sasha and his dad checking out something on Sasha’s computer in our cabin. The walls are that wood paneling and the floors are tile. The couches are like a suede fabric, very comfy.

I especially like this picture, as Sasha is driving the mule and his Dad is going for a ride. Sasha said that he also got his mom on this mule as well, but we did not get a picture for that.

I came back on November 6th and we had inspectors look over the house on the 7th, I guess it is to check the cabin for any defects so that the National Park could get money to fix it. But the house is pretty good.

Cabin Hosts – What I Do for Work and What Visitors Get

We fully moved in before the second weekend and made the cabin our home. How this deal works is that people come during the weekend (usually – although we had a few that came on Thursdays) and I check them in on Friday, and check them out on Sunday. Sunday is usually a longer day, because I have to make sure the place is looking the way it is supposed to look. So if they did not clean up properly, I have to tell them to redo or I have to do it myself.

During the Week

So most days during the week, I go in with Sasha to the library or his work, and on the weekends I work. We do not have to go to the Laundromat anymore as there is a washer and dryer at the camp. We went to the doctors in the middle of the month, to get checked out (Sasha hadn’t gone for over three years so it was definitely time for him!) We got a clean bill of health with a few things that both of us have to do in the new year.

Uwharrie National Forest and Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving, Sasha’s sister and brother-in-law invited us down to Topsail, NC. We decided to make this the last hurrah of a camper trip and so got a full week off. Before heading to the beach, we went to  Uwharrie National Forest.  The National Forest has some good trails, but most of them are rocky (Sasha says welcome to the East Coast!) And quite a few of them are very hard to do. I tried to take a picture or two of one trail, but the pictures do not do it justice.

ATV Girl, Motocross Guy

There was a cross at the top of the trail, we spoke to a regular and he said that a Jeep was doing the trail, overturned and everyone was killed. We decided NOT to do that trail. But we did do several others. Sasha is getting quite good on his motorbike. Me, I am most happy with non-rock situations, because when I go over the rock or hit them wrong, I can feel my thumb jamming. But that does not happen too often, and I like the trails. The picture above shows where Sasha is down at the almost bottom of the hill.

We stayed one night and rode again the next morning. Here is the site that we stayed in. As you can see, no one else around. of course, this is during the week so I guess no one would be around, but on the weekends, this place gets packed.

What IS The Problem with NC & VA Wineries?

From Uwharrie, we went to a winery, so that we could bring some wine for Sasha’s sister and brother-in-law for Thanksgiving. We went to Uwharrie Vineyard and tried out their wines – some were good, some were ok, and some were icky. Why is it that Virginia and North Carolina wineries are asking people to pay just to taste the wine. I would have thought that they would take out the tasting if we bought, but no such luck. At that rate, it is almost better to just go to a grocery store and buy some wine. Cheaper anyway. But, we went, we tasted and we bought.

Check out Thanksgiving and Busco Beach ATV park. (I split the November page in two, because there were so many pictures, I did not want there to be too long a load time.) As it is, it will take about 1 minute to load with 56 K modem. For those with DSL and other speeds – well, you won’t have to worry.

The expenses this month, low but high. Why? Look below to understand it all.

Expenses for November 2007

  • Food, Food and Household: $291.68
  • Food, Out to Eat: $166.40
  • Clothing, Sasha: $62.68
  • Household, Propane: $24.73
  • Transportation, Car Gas: $95.10
  • Transportation, Truck Diesel: $430.98
  • Transportation, Car Equipment: $39.15
  • Transportation, Trailer Equipment: $24.06
  • Transportation, Truck Maintenance: $619.37
  • Transportation, ATV/Cycle Gas: $67.06
  • Communication, Cell Phone: $60.60
  • Communication, Postage: $2.09
  • Health, Insurance: $134.00
  • Health, Doctor: $10.00
  • Health, Other: $63.42
  • Recreation, Fun Stuff: $156.01
  • Recreation, Books/CDs: $14.66
  • Recreation, Stuff: $37.40
  • Recreation, Camping: $20.00
  • Recreation, Gifts: $26.13
  • Recreation, Charity: $0.57

Total Expenses = $2,346.09

Explanation of Expenses

All right, some of the prices have gone down, lets see what went down and which ones went up.

Anyway check it out below.


So this month’s food prices went down. I do not know exactly why, it was not that we were buying less food, or different food, except we were buying more dried fruit, but still not that much in prepared foods. So why it is high still, I do not know.

Out to eat:

We ate out less this month as we were with the family for Thanksgiving, and we were trying to eat cheap. Sort of anyway.


Sasha got some jeans. We went down to North Carolina, and on the way was this huge store for jeans and boots. It is called J&R Store. We thought it was pretty cool. He also got a high performance shirt from Target.


Propane – we had to pick some up when we went down to North Carolina, as we were almost out.


We had to pay for gas of my car and diesel for the truck. So Sasha was using the car more for driving back and forth to work which was now bunch more miles. Sasha was filling up the car every couple of days. Gas prices have JUMPED significantly! Gas was now at $2.88 for the low and went up to $2.96. Diesel, we signifcantly filled up, as we took the trip down to North Carolina this month, so it was from $3.10 to $3.34 a gallon.

We also got gasoline for the ATV and motorcycle, filled up the separate 5 gallon tanks for that. And then we did some maintenance on car: State inspection: $16, new tires and oil change: $596.37, washed the car: $2.25, and washed the rig: $4.75.

Car Stuff: Lots of stuff for maintenance, like antifreeze, oil, etc.

Trailer Stuff: Was actually CO2 – we can usually fill up for a year. The carbon dioxide is for the tires of the truck and motorcycle and ATV.


Was for my phone, my cell phone that I used now mostly for personal stuff. And I got more than 600 minutes on it this time and I think it was good for a year’s worth of time. Sasha would probably get a phone with the cell minutes on it next month, we will have to see.

There was only a little bit of postage for postcards and some mailings.


I pay for my health insurance, even when I did not have my own business anymore. The reason, it is still cheaper than going on Sasha’s plan. We again have the club membership, so more than likely we did put it on hold for a month.

I also had a doctor’s visit and got a prescription. If I am correct, it was probably for a cold and cough. I seem to get them in the fall, I think because of allergies. But the allergies are not like others who sneeze, me I just cough.


We did a bunch of fun stuff this month: Again with the Cigars this time shared with Family when we went down to Topsail, fees for Busco Beach and Eldorado National Forest, and when we were on the pier. The cigars, even though we bought in North Carolina, a tobacco state, had 7% sales tax!!! I guess that is for anything. Back in 2009 we noticed the tax was high for things other than food.

Books and Video: Got a few books and a couple of newspapers. I love getting newspapers when we are someplace new. You learn about that place much quicker than a website can ever do.

Stuff: we went to a winery and did a tasting (that actually cost money! not used to that in Virginia! even though we bought wine) and we got some plastic bottles at Goodwill. What those plastic bottles were for, do not know.

Also gave a little to charity, as the bells were already ringing right around Thanksgiving, so whatever change I had in my pocket, went to the Salvation Army.

And November was Brenden’s birthday. So we got him a gift. He was seven. (It is easy to figure out his birthday because he was born in 2000.)

StT Work:

No payments of any kind. We will see if that holds true.


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