CampHost Financials – October 2007

The Finances of Living in a Truck Camper:
October 2007

Old Pros as Campground Hosts

Volunteering 3 days a week and Sasha working full-time

October – I have become an old pro at being a campground host, mostly because I finally got the mule and could really go around properly throughout the campground, and do my job as it is supposed to be done.

The Host and Hostess

Laura as the Volunteer Campground Hostess, Sasha just having fun!

I am still going to the library and going into work with Sasha, except on Fridays, so that I can be at the campground, but the last couple of weeks I have stayed at the campground at least two times during the week, for meetings and when I was not feeling well. What is the point of going somewhere when you do not feel well and spread around the germs?

Laura and the Mule

Loving the Side-by-Side which helps me do my job and where they pay the gas!

Still reading a ton of different books; the books are on the right side, I’ve read most of them, Sasha has read some of them. [Future Laura – Nope, not on the side anymore, I will have to see how I can show them now.] We have also been watching movies, I’ll try to put some of them up – some real oldies but goodies, and new stuff too. The Stafford County Library is quite nice – all these books, DVDs and CDs and a place to go for high speed WiFi. Very Nice!

I have also gotten into growing Sprouts – all different kinds but started off with Wheat, then lentils and beans, and moved onto radishes, clover, and alfalfa seeds. Sasha says it is like I have little children or pets, but I don’t think so, as we eat them. We have been putting the sprouts into salads for dinner, they are turning out to be very good to eat, very tasty with a extra crunch. I tried putting them in the oatmeal, but it was a bit much for Sasha, and did not really work too well.

Our Site at PWFP

Our Site at the Campground where we left the camper on the Truck

Growing Food Indoors – Sprouts!

So for my Birthday, which was October 6th, I got more sprouts and better ways to grow them, from a company called: – I looked them up on the internet, got tons of information about sprouts and then got a couple of methods to grow them better.

Right now, I am using pint canning glasses with cheesecloth, and I have to rinse them each morning and night, and then dump out the water. It has been working well, but I want to expand a little. Because once we have the sprouts, I usually have to wait a week before the next ones come up. So I am going to do it on a ladder system, so that we can have different sprouts all the time.

my birthday

Mom J and Kristina

New Camera

As you can see we now have a new camera and we are learning how to use it; it has many different features, including wide angle, macro focus (so you can zoom in to flowers and bugs) the ability to do septa and color exchanges (have not yet figured that out) and over 15 different scenes.

Out To Eat Meals
Birthday Lady with her Man Oct 2007

Birthday Lady with her Man Oct 2007

We went out to dinner with some of the Batals: John, Ally and Kristina as well as Mom and Dad J for my Birthday, a very nice meal in Fairfax. We don’t have everyone in the group but here are a few pictures of us and Kristina and Mom.

We have been going out to Lunch and Dinner a bit more than before, Sasha really likes 5 Guys – a burger and fries place. The burgers are great, the fries are like boardwalk fries – so tasty and so bad for you. However, they have boxes and boxes of peanuts for people to munch on, not good for those that have allergies.

The expenses this month, low but high. Why? Look below to understand it all.



Expenses for October 2007

  • Food, Food and Household: $389.27
  • Food, Out to Eat: $240.17
  • Food, Farmer’s Market: $0.00
  • Food, Provisions: $0.00
  • Clothing, Sasha: 45.89
  • Household, Stuff: $61.04
  • Household, Services: $20.50
  • Transportation, Car Gas: $168.33
  • Communication, Cell Phone: $30.45
  • Communication, Postage: $9.34
  • Health, Insurance: $134.00
  • Health, Health Club: 39.95
  • Recreation, Fun Stuff: $25.49
  • Recreation, Books/CDs: $3.89
  • StT Work: Hosting: 29.99

Total Expenses = $1,198.31

Explanation of Expenses

All right, some of the prices have gone down, lets see what went down and which ones went up.

Anyway check it out below.


Don’t know if you are seeing the trend, but the food prices are going up. We really have not changed our habits all that much, yet the prices seem to be slightly going up.

Out to eat: This month there were more times that we went out to eat, usually with family and quite a few time for lunch. Even though the lunch price was small, it still adds up. We also found Panera Bread. WOW great place, but what is also so nice – free wifi! So will begin our love affair with places that have free wifi – and it seems lots of other people like going here too.


Sasha got some alterations done on some clothes and got a new shirt.


Services: So our services now are that we have to go to a laundromat, so anywhere from a week to two weeks.

Stuff: Mostly household stuff – a heater, extra storage containers, headphones, camera case, etc things that are needed, and we do not seem to have here. The heater is an electrical heater so that we do not need to use our propane as much. When you are getting the electricity for free, why not use it?


We had to pay for gas of my car. So Sasha was using the car more for driving back and forth to work which was now bunch more miles. Sasha was filling up the car every couple of days. Gas was now at $2.50 for the low and went up to $2.75. It was going both up and down during this month! Diesel, we did not fill up this month, as our house was on the truck!


OK so it is next month! Found out that I switched to Net10 rather than having Cingular/AT&T which was so much more expensive! Now I get 300 minutes and two months time.

But we had a bit of postage. I now understand where it is all going, I am applying to jobs within the NPS. Most are paper applications, so you have to send it off and have it dated by a certain time. It would be another year and a half before I would get a job, but that is the way it goes.


I pay for my health insurance, even when I did not have my own business anymore. The reason, it is still cheaper than going on Sasha’s plan. We again have the club membership, so more than likely we did put it on hold for a month.


The fun stuff was that I got another game, and so paid for that. Then we got some books and newspapers for under the books/CDs area. Really, we are going to have to change the word CDs – because we do not have CDs anymore, we use digital music on an iPod. That is now our stereo system – we set it up with the radio and use it that way.

StT Work:

Sales Through Technology, my work: I only am now paying for hosting and domains for us, but it is interesting to see that I seem to be paying every month. So I will have to figure out why that is. Not sure if I can find it out, or not.

Check out November 2007 – New digs – Cabin Host, with a 1930’s cabin for the winter.


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