Camping Without the RV

Tent Camping With Laura & Sasha

July 4th Weekend 2010

I got a new computer in June, plus new software, and so did Sasha. So we were learning how to use these softwares and me on a Mac computer now, a bit different than a PC. But the biggest hurdle we had to deal with was the pictures. Thank you and have fun looking….
Pictures of July Fourth Weekend

Pictures of July Fourth Weekend Explanation:

Sasha at our campsite on July 3rd,

Sasha, Us, Our Tent, and the fire….

Breakfast on the Fire, or was that dinner… Lake and Mountains and Laura

Sasha and the Mountains…. Beauty in Clouds

Close up of the La Sal Mountain range

The road down the mountain…looks almost like a Monet…The ridge to Moab

The road going DOWN! I’d say some of this was at a 10% grade…Really hard to see in a photograph, but I’m sure with a few of these pictures, you get the idea.

So here is some of the road, hard to see it through the trees, but you are starting to get an idea of it…

Everything is so lush and green here, I guess being up in the mountains does have some benefits, cool climes, and water available…

Ok, as we were almost down, we started to notice something strange with the sky…I took this picture out the window, but the truck was not moving, ergo, that is not a fuzzy shot, BUT the sky itself…Dust coming up the valley perhaps?

Here comes the dust storm. But above it was rain, so would that mean we would get a mud storm? The storm was very localized, as it seems to be in the desert, but weird sky all the same.

All of these pictures were not in the old website, so I wanted to show them in the new website. The descriptions might not match completely, but we were in Utah, Tent Camping Warner Lake CG, Manti La Sal National Forest. Beautiful area.

After the Camping

We spent a bit of time in Moab, got a nice bit to eat, and went to the thrift store for some more books. Then headed back up the mountain before dark.

We spent a bit of time at Red Rock Lodge in Moab, right on the river, beautiful place. They had internet, and a nice buffet lunch there. So we spent a bit of time watching the rafting trips go by.

Ultimately, we had to head back to Canyonlands, but when we did, I was able to go 4-wheeling with one of my co-workers, to the Colorado Overlook. While I did not drive, I was able to take a couple of pictures of the river. Some day I will get those pictures on the website, but for now, enjoy the expenses of July: Maintenance of truck and other things.

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