Day 11 Log for April 6, 2005: Signage Day

Signage Day

Day 11 Log for April 6, 2005:

We Wanted Everyone to Be as Happy as Us!

Hi all – yes we know, having signage on our camper seems a little kooky but since we made up this website, we thought it would be great to have something else for people to look at before they pass us on the road. We went to Angel Sign Company and had someone come out on April 6th, our relaxation day before we came home.

Here are a couple of the pictures before and after below.

This is the back of our camper before the signage. As you can see, the Snowriver camper logo is in the middle of the area that we need to work. The bottom of the camper is where we are going to put the website, as that is where people can see it easiest. As you can see, he is almost done with the signage, he used vinyl, which is the same material as the Snowriver camper logo material and looks almost the same, so it will take a long time before it starts to peel off.

[Future Laura – There are some reasons why we do not have signage now, that I will do in a future post.]

The Log of Day 11 Cont.

Signage of Laura & Sasha’s Excellent Adventure, on our Truck Camper

Our excellent adventure is almost at an end, but this log on the website will live on. We were newbies on this adventure.

I just wanted to mention that after we got the sign on, we washed up and had a nice rest of the day – because the next day was a travel day.

After the sign was done, we got the camper BACK on the truck, with a little bit of back and forth driving to get it perfect, but no real arguing and no hitting the truck with the camper (or visa versa). We managed to clean up everything that evening and still play a game of Life before going to bed.

Days 12, 13, 14 – Traveling Back


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