Day 3 Log for March 29, 2005 – Getting the Camper!

Getting the Camper!

Day 3 Log for March 29, 2005:

Day 3: Brighton CO to Walmart CO 80333

So Excited for Our Adventure to Begin!

Picking up our camper at Five Star RV, the dealer we chose after a long and exhaustive search. They treated us right and we recommend them.

We got on the road to get the car and drop off the truck at Five Star at 9 am. Sasha had to leave me at Enterprise because the guy was not there at 9 am; he had to drop off a car to someone else. I talked to some retirees who pick up and drive cars and trucks to different Enterprise locations; they came from Cheyenne, WY. Once the guy came back, we looked over the car (a blue one) and I was off to find Sasha. Although I thought I was going the wrong way, a common problem for me without a compass, I managed to find him at the Five Star RV Center without getting too lost.

[Future Laura – Is one of you better than the other concerning directions or orientation? Have you ever gotten very lost and how did you find your way? Please comment below]



The Log of Day 3 Cont.

Picking up our camper at Five Star RV!

Village Inn & Super 8s

Once there, Sasha got a time frame of when we were supposed to come back ~3pm and we went to have Breakfast – Village Inn. Sasha said that there are a lot of Village Inns in Colorado, good places to get breakfast, lunch or dinner at any time of the day. We both had a more healthy breakfast of fake egg and veggie omelets, with fruit and whole grain pancakes. Very nice breakfast that was our lunch as well. After breakfast, we went back to the motel (Super 8) and I just paid a little more to have a 3 pm checkout.

Seinfeld – “I NOT GOING TO PUSH DOWN a Dinner at 4 pm to Save a Few Bucks” Episode

Sasha and I snoozed for a little bit and then I did some work while Sasha snoozed for a little longer. We left the motel at 3pm where it was drizzling, and 60 F. At Five Star they did not have our truck ready yet so we went to Wal-Mart, and picked up bed-sheets and towels to match our colors in the camper. Then we went back to Village Inn and had an early dinner (I totally felt like the episode in Seinfeld where he had dinner with his parents down in Florida at 5 pm – but we had dinner at 4 pm.) We brought in the laptop and Sasha surfed while I read.

Let’s go inside…

Virgin kitchenette and Table Slide out, Bed not made and everything looks new!

Walmart Pros & Cons for RVers

1:00 am- got the necessities, including bottom sheet and extra pillows. Plus paper supplies, water, and some snacks. It took a while to get everything at Wal-Mart as it was so late at night; there was no one to help us find anything. I guess they do the shelf stocking at night and there were boxes everywhere. Very hard to get to things needed. And we could not find Blankets for the life of us. The guy stated that they don t have winter coats either, so maybe they don’t have blankets when it is spring. Whatever.

(Sasha) Well, after picking up camper, the very “green” duo head to a local Walmart to stock up on supplies and provisions for the road ahead. We choose to shop at Walmart as they are “RV and camper friendly”, allowing customers to overnight in their parking lots.

Not that we particularly like camping in a mega store parking lot, but when it’s 11 pm, dark and you’re tired and just want to sleep, it sure is convenient in a pinch not to have to find the closest campground or public lands to “dry camp” or “boondock”. And the price is right. In return, we dropped a couple hundred bucks with Sam Walton and patronized a local Mexican restaurant in the same shopping center.

Day 4: Log for March 30, 2005 – On Our Way! Walmart Thornton CO to Colorado Springs CO




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