Day 4 Log for March 30, 2005 Got The Camper!

Got the Camper!

Day 4 Log for March 30, 2005:

Day 4: Walmart Thorton, CO 80333 to Colorado Springs, CO

With Camper at Walmart March 30, 2005

With Camper at Walmart March 30, 2005

Our Campground at Walmart in Thornton, CO; Our Campground was Walmart parking lot, they have a policy that you can stay overnight and we figured we were going to buy things that evening so we stayed and bought.

Another view of Camp Walmart with Walmart in the background.You can see that there are other campers around. This first night was spent a little wobbly as Sasha was still getting used to putting down the jacks. One call to Five Star RV and we learned that up means down and down means up on the jack remote control. Confused yet? This is why I have Sasha do this part, I would be totally frustrated and confused.

Day 4 – Log for March 30, 2005 – Walmart in Thoron, CO – to Colorado Springs CO

Camp Walmart March 30, 2005

Sidebar- The reason that we use jacks while parked is to stabilize the camper as you go from side to side and in and around the camper. As there was a lot of wind that night, having it stabilized makes it more like a house and less like a boat on the high seas.

UnMade Bed, need to get sheets!

UnMade Bed, need to get sheets!

Unmade Bed – no we did not sleep in it like that, we had gotten sheets at Walmart.

We are going to leave the Walmart area soon but we need to get a few more things that we could not get or find last night. We went to Walmart, then had lunch at Taco-nite (an Mexican American restaurant that we could see out our windows last night), grocery shopping at King Soopers, wine shopping at Applejacks and then on the road to Aurora, CO to air up the tires to 110 psi (Sasha said we needed hi powered air pumps like those in truck stops.

[Future Laura – Read below to see a few Newbie Mistakes… Can you guess what one of them is?  Please comment below]

The Log of Day 4 Cont.

Starting off our first Camper Adventure!

Flying J to Air Tires

So we went to Flying J in Aurora. While Sasha was airing up the tires, I was finding a place for us to stay the night. I found Goldfield RV Campground which is just a little outside of Garden of the Gods State Park. We started on the road to Goldfield at 4 pm from Aurora.

On the way I took pictures of the countryside; it started to flurry for a bit, we are starting to go up in elevation: 7100. Temp 43 F. There is snow on the mountains but it has stopped snowing on the road here. It is amazing, looks like suburban area on one side and ranches on the other and then surrounded by mountains So cool. I could understand why people do not want to leave here, it is very beautiful, yet can still be urban. I have full bars for the internet. The road is kind of bouncy, especially with the camper on now.

On the outskirts of Colorado Springs already gone down to 41 F, elevation 6599 ft ASL.

Goldfield RV Campground
Connected to Power at Goldfield RV Campground March 30, 2005 Colorado

Connected to Power at Goldfield RV Campground Colorado

Here we are at Goldfield RV area.This was before it snowed. Sasha had learned about the jacks at this point which was great as there were high gust of wind that night into morning. Sasha was able to figure out how to hook up to the power as you see in the foreground.

Newbie Mistakes

But like I stated before (see next post), we were really on battery power as the power cord was loose from the plug. So that night we did not use the lights too much.

Connected to Power at Goldfield RV Campground March 30, 2005 Colorado

Connected to Power at Goldfield RV Campground
March 30, 2005 Colorado

And I was only able to use the laptop for an hour that morning before my batteries went dead. Afterwards, we were able to recharge before the snows came in.

We got to the Campground, interesting, not at the park but just down the road apiece. More of an urban campground, but they have showers and power hook ups that we are going to use. I still have 4 bars for internet so I will use the T-Mobile rather than pay $4 a day for internet access. That is cheap though if I wanted faster speeds I would go for it.

Frugalness with Our Systems

Sasha and I set up camp, putting more things away and he went to take a hot shower. We decided, since we are paying for it, to use their systems rather than our own. I also think we a still a little unsure about taking a shower in our own shower but we will do it this trip, I think. We also got a lot of literature on what happens in this area and we will probably eat some ham sandwiches, play cards and go to bed happy.

We are starting out slowly but learning as we go along.

Day 5: Log for March 31, 2005 – Colorado Springs CO – Grand Junction, CO


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