Day 7 Log for April 2, 2005 A Lounge Kind of Day

A Lounge Kind of Day

Day 7 Log for April 2, 2005:

Always Leave Something in Your Spot

Spoke to Dan (of Sue and Dan the owners at the park), and he stated that the guys next to us did not even sign in and so they had not even paid. He apologized for the fact that they came in and took our spot. Then the woman came back from the bathroom and he told them that they had taken our spot and she said that they were leaving today. So we will go back to our spot ASAP. He said the next time if we go with everything, to move the picnic table in the middle of the spot so people do not take it. Dan said he thought our set up was great, I said that we had only had it for 6 days, the truck since Christmas 2005.

camper to be lived in

camper to be lived in

The people left at 8:30 so we spent the morning going back to our spot, and FOR THE FIRST TIME, without any help (OK, Sasha did call Five Star for information) we got the camper off of the truck. See the pictures of the mighty truck and camper separated. Sasha said his heart was pounding so hard, and he was moving very slowly away from the truck.

Quarters are the Lifeblood of RVers and College Students

While he was working on the truck and camper, I took care of household chores and washed our laundry for the first time on the trip. It costs $1.25 for the wash and $1 for the dry – all in quarters no less. Of course, I should know this, life as a camper is kind of like as a college student, and everything revolves around quarters.

[Future Laura – Do you think that the prices have changed at all regarding laundry?  Please comment below]

The Log of Day 7 Cont.

Enjoying Our First Camper Adventure!

Resizing Pictures
Truck and Camper

Truck and Camper

So the rest of the day was spent enjoying ourselves at the campground. I spent most of the day inputting pictures, and writing text for the website. Even with internet connection semi-fast, it still takes a while to get the pictures into the website. We took the pictures at a high resolution, (in case we decide to use them for something else beside a website) and each one had to be changed by name – from DSC000111 to something real like Laura and the Mighty Camper. Then the pictures have to be resized to that it does not take half the evening to see our website.

Compression Now Different than 2005

One thing that changed half-way through the trip, the compression on the pictures and the quality was just a little less, so that we could have a higher resolution and a smaller file size. This is why some of the Colorado pictures look bigger than others. When you look at April 3rd s pictures, of our mighty trail hike, you will see this higher resolution. (-Side note-now that we are using, I can put the pictures in higher resolution and all you have to do is click on the picture to see the higher resolution. Just click the back button to come back.–) [Future Laura – not really true anymore, as you see a gallery now, and can click and comment on the pictures and then click the X on the left to come back to the page.]

[Another Side Note: Remember folks, this was 2005 when many people still had dial-up for their internet and the resolution of pictures made for slower websites. For a long time, I did not want to have too many pictures on the home page because of this very reason, that it would slow down the website.]

I also read a book while I was putting info into the website called: The Second Assistant by Clare Naylor and Mimi Hare. So I multitasked my day.

Sasha on the other hand, stayed outside and caught some rays as well as smoked a cigar. Then he went shopping to get something for dinner and other miscellaneous things.

Truck Without Camper

Truck Without Camper

Tires PSI Too High, How to Change?

When he left the campground, he stated that his 110 psi (for the tires) was too high without having the camper on the truck. He stated it felt like it had no give at all and that he was driving on full rubber tires. Each bounce was jarring. So he searched around inside of the truck and found my hiking pole, which he used to get some of the air out of the tires. He actually had 120 psi in each tire and he took it down to 70 psi, the right amount for driving without the camper.

After he started driving correctly, he went to check out a couple of trail heads that we could do for April 3rd. Then he went shopping: to Lowes for 5 pound propane cylinder which they did not have, Walmart did not have either both just had the 20 pound size, but he got everything else (at Walmart.)

Long View of the Camper off of the Truck! First TIME!!!

Long View of the Camper off of the Truck! First TIME!!!

Grand Grilling

When he got home he pulled out our propane cylinder from the camper (which was still pretty heavy) and used it to heat up our little infra-red portable gas grill. The steaks, potatoes and asparagus turned out beautifully and tasted great. We had bought steak knives from before and Sasha got heavy-duty paper plates for our dinner. We opened a bottle of wine that I had gotten at Applejacks in the Walmart campground, and we had a great meal.

Even if the wine was pored into a Styrofoam cup, it was still good. We went to bed happy and ready for the new day.

Day 8 – April 3, 2005 – The Mighty Hike!


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