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This page is dedicated to My Mom: February 27, 2016

Dedication and Happy Birthday, Mom!

We want to thank my Mom, for not only believing in our adventures but also pushing me to update and in a sense, recreate the website. She, along with countless others, have been following our adventures since we began in 2005. We had just bought the truck camper, and took it out on our first adventure, to Colorado and western Colorado. We had so much fun out west, that we went with my parents to Sedona, AZ and took a trip with them to go out west again (but without the camper.)

My Mom wanted to see the website continue, she loves my writing and continuing to write is important to me and Sasha as well. I wanted to have the story continue and be able to share our story with anyone interested, so why not have the website go live on my Mom’s birthday?

Anyway that is my story and I am sticking to it.

We are putting up old stuff and new stuff and soon you will also see the writings of Sasha here too. He will put in the stuff from recent to the past, and I will put in from the past to recent 😉  We will be putting up our expenses, and show you how we live, so that you might try it too. Our plan so far is to have:

  • About Us: a three page story
  • Financials: because I have all the info, I just have to put it in
  • FAQs: the whys

Ultimately you will see the articles I wrote, for bubblenews and our website. You can comment below, like and share this with all those you think might be interested.

Thank you Mom, for Everything!

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