How About Those Pools!

Desert Hot Springs

We are staying at Desert Pools RV & Resort. The hot pools, large pool and activities within the park are great. The sites are big too. It is being updated slowly as the money becomes available. We love getting tans in February.

Desert Hot Springs has tons of campgrounds but this is the only one we have seen that has big open sites. All of the campgrounds look like they were built in the 1950s, 60s or 70s. Several were membership parks first and then as they went bankrupt, the campgrounds were bought out and the public could come in. This has created a resentment of the old members with the new folks. However, a membership park business model does not work especially when the dues are not high enough to keep the park in tip top shape. ………

……… Can we get some love on the pools here? Taken around sunset, we just finished up a game of water volleyball. We love being here, even with the high price of the place, and no internet, even though their brochures say they do have it…Seems to be the way of these campgrounds around here, they say they have internet…available, but not really as it is Tengo, a horrible internet service that sporadically works. …..

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