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The Finances of Living in a Truck Camper:
June 2009

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June – Expensive Food

Us & NPS

Laura & Sasha at Cape Hatteras

June – June, how bad can you  be?

Hopefully not as bad as May. Nope, not as bad, but still not where we want it to be. However, this turns out to be one of our inexpensive months. Sad I know, but there it is. We are finding that food prices are just not that low around here. And we did not stock up enough on the really expensive stuff. Live and Learn is a good motto for us.


Expenses for June 2009

  • Food, Food and Household: $419.35
  •         , Provisions: $78.04
  •         , Farmer’s Market: $29.00
  •         , Out to Eat: $51.21
  • Transportation, Diesel: $110.54
  •                        , Registration: $48.75
  •                        , Motorcycle, Gas: $14.73
  •                        , Maintenance: $10.87
  • Camper Expenses, Services & Stuff: $1.07
  •                               , Rent (NPS): $160.00
  • Communication, Cell Phones: $45.67
  •                          , Verizon: $60.28
  • Health, Insurance (L): $113.00
  •           , Insurance (S): $385.92
  • Recreation, Fun Stuff: $115.00

Total Expenses = $1,682.43

Low Out To Eat But High Regular Food

Well, as you can see, our food expenses are pretty high. We hardly go out to eat, but the grocery prices are continually higher than anywhere else. We have also gone through some of our provisions, especially things like oatmeal, almost all of our dried fruit that I did last year, tuna fish cans, soups, sauces, tea, and coffee. I thought I could get Sasha off of coffee, but he still wants and needs it, so along with the coffee, is hot chocolate and sugar. I thought I had a large supply of teas, but I had to buy it here.

We also ran out of regular necessities, like toilet paper and dish washing soap and other stuff. And no matter what, the Walmart, while it has cheaper prices, still is not as good as a Super Walmart or Costco/Sam’s Club with the better prices.

We did go to Farmer’s Markets – mostly roadside stands, to pick up shrimp, blueberries, and peaches. Shrimp was excellent, blueberries were quickly gone and the dried ones are almost completely gone, and the peaches were eaten quick. I am happy to the fact that I have pretty much stopped eating candy, as I have found the fruits of summer to be a better substitute. If I want something sweet, I usually eat dried mango or pineapple, but they too, cost a bit.

Two sets of volunteers left in June, so we went to one event, and I went to the second one. Sasha started volunteering for the maintenance on June 23rd, so he did not go to the second party as he had to get up real early and was slightly worried about getting up (had to be at work by 7 AM – I don’t think he ever got to work that early, let alone, getting up at 5:45 to get to work, most often it was waking up at 7 AM….So slightly unusual for him!) No Crack of Noon Club for him!

But we still did not go out to eat very much, since the prices to go out to eat are also high. The cheapest thing around here has been pizza. So we have gone out a couple times for pizza – mostly during those volunteer dinners.

We did get a bunch of provisions this past month, mostly things like coffee, hot chocolate, granola bars and such for lunches. Now that Sasha is volunteering during the week, he needs lunches too.

Transporting Fun

Transportation: Well, as we went down to Topsail, there was some cost in the drive and ferry, but as it was a beautiful weekend, not too bad a deal. We have been really good, I have been walking to work most days, sometimes getting a ride from the rangers or volunteers who see me on the side of the road. It is a mile each way, so the walk is good in the morning, but the afternoon can get warm. Sasha got gas for the motorcycle, but has not ridden it much. He isn’t doing the long walks on the beach as much as he used to because he now works.

The truck had to get registered again, usually done in the summer. So we paid it, but have not gotten the stickers yet. Hopefully they will come soon.

Volunteering Pays For Rent

Utilities: We hopefully will not be paying rent starting in July, the one week that Sasha worked in June will be applied to a week at the end, or something of that nature, but they were not able to get it for one half the pay period. Since he is working, I told Sasha “Since you are saving us ~ $150/160 a month for rent, you can get a kayak for play.” He will order it next month.

We had so much fun at Topsail that Sasha managed to forget a few things. So he had to go to the dollar store and get them. Thankfully, very cheap things – a mirror for shaving (the beard was starting to get pretty long!) He also got some things for his motorcycle – what they are I do not know, but important for the motorcycle, so he got.

Talking To Family

Communication: is starting to get higher, because we talk on the phone to everyone, they are not used to communicating via email. And since we now have the Verizon card, we are being diligent not to use more than 5 GB per month. It has cut back on our watching of shows, but we have been reading more, so that is good.

Yikes, Health Insurance via COBRA

Health: This was the first month that Sasha had to pay for his health insurance. Because he got it through COBRA, he had to pay the first two months. So what you see there is a double price for him, normally it would be around $193. July will show the correct amount.

Fun Stuff with Some Not So Fun

Last but not least, the fun stuff: We took the ferry ride over to the southern Outer Banks. That was fun, but the entire trip down took 8 hours, not fun. And then for staying at the Batal’s house, we paid $100 for the cleaning. Hey, that’s not bad for four days at the house.


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