Finances and Writing Can Go Together

How Do You Get Your Ideas?

Where do you get your writing prompts, Laura?

Laura & Sasha's Excellent Adventure!

Laura & Sasha’s Excellent Adventure

Laura & Sasha’s Excellent Adventure

Our adventures started with a website letting our folks know where we were, relatively speaking. Then along came Facebook and we used that for a time. But I have always felt that having the website was a way to remember the past and learn from it into the future. Some of the things we did or bought seem foolish now, but we learned as we went along. And isn’t that what you need to do in life? Learn something new each day?

In the beginning, we followed the principles of Your Money or Your Life, Transforming Your Relationship with Money (YMOYL). While we still use the guidelines of YMOYL, we do not show our income online. And some of the years we spent more than we saved. Some people told us that there was NO WAY they would make the kind of money we were spending each year.

However, we put all of our house sale money into savings. We never bought anything after selling our house with any type of loan. Whether that meant the RV, Truck, Motorcycle, Health Insurance, Food etc, nothing came with a loan.

This also meant that we had some liquid cash available. During the Housing Crisis of 2007-2009, while prices for houses depreciated, bonds were still pretty good as far as the interest rates. Quite a bit of our sale of the home money went into Government 30-Year Bonds earning 4.50% interest. The rest went to Seven year CDs in different banks and credit unions to spread the wealth. I figured that would be fine, and that interest rates would go up sometime in the future. Wrong of course now. Live and Learn

I enjoy writing about our financial wellbeing and what we did as RVers. Those writing prompts are pretty easy when you have them already in previous years.

However, I also like writing about other aspects of the RVing Lifestyle. I created a new planner using the Happy Planner Arc style, so that I can add pages into it. And for the month of April, I plan on writing one or two posts a day, using those prompts.

Where did I find these prompts? One of the planner groups I belong to on Facebook: MAMBI The Happy Planner Group had an April Journal Writing Prompts from the Life of Lovely. While I do not know if the owner of this blog still does writing prompts, I thought these were a perfect way to get back into my writing again.

What is really cool: I can write in the planner I got at the end of March, putting in my thoughts on each week for each day, and then I will write it out on the website.

April Writing Prompts

30 Journal Prompts for April by Elizabeth McNair – Life of Lovely

  1. Your biggest dream
  2. What place do you consider your home?
  3. What are you most grateful for?
  4. The most important qualities in a friend
  5. One thing you need to stop doing
  6. One thing you need to start doing
  7. How are you feeling today?
  8. Three things you and your best friend have in common
  9. Your life story in five sentences
  10. A place you have never visited
  11. How important is fame?
  12. What is a “perfect” day?
  13. How do you make decisions?
  14. Describe kindness
  15. 10 things you should always have
  16. The word that you overuse
  17. A pun
  18. How would you like to be described?
  19. Your favorite song to sing
  20. Would you like to know about the future?
  21. How do you show people you care?
  22. Your last important decision
  23. Something that is always easy for you
  24. A motto to live by
  25. Happiness is…
  26. Organized or messy?
  27. A recent compliment
  28. Where you want to be?
  29. A happy moment
  30. Your preferred method of communication

Hopefully, with everything else that I do, I will get some of these prompts done. They do not have to be large, just an explanation of whatever the prompt is. As a matter of fact, here are two for this week:

1) Your Biggest Dream: First of all, a dream is an idea without a plan. The dictionary says a dream is a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal. Which for me, an aspiration that I hope we someday achieve is to make enough money via interest, investments, and passive income to pay completely for our expenses for the year. We are oh so close, the elusive percentage for interest keeps slipping away from us each year. I always try to make good each year, by trying to decrease our spending. Last year we came close, but not quite, spending a little over $26,000 and our investments, if put all together, could earn $20,000. Like I said, it is close. 

This year I plan to decrease our spending (as much as possible) and increase our savings and investments. We will go back to the board with showing our expenses from previous years and ultimately getting onto the website this year’s expenses once a month. To that end, of showing previous years, I now have 2011 Expenses done. It was the Year of Health & Truck, me finding out that I needed to be gluten free, Sasha getting healthy by hiking more, and spending time in three national parks.

Action Plan: Get 2012 Expenses on the website next week (that’ll be a doozy of expenses).

2) What place do you consider your home?: WOW this one is both very hard and very easy. As Full-Time RVers, the quote goes: Home is where you park it. Our families though, think that our home is where they are and that can be sort of true too. I keep my friends and family in my thoughts and heart every day, even though they might not realize it.

Going back to the dictionary, they describe home as:

  • the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household 
  • the family or social unit occupying a home 
  • a house or an apartment considered as a commercial property
  • a place where something flourishes, is most typically found, or from which it originates

The first one doesn’t really explain us, because we place our RV in many different spots throughout the year. The second explanation is a circular discussion with no end because they are describing a home occupying a home! The third definitely does not describe us, as we do not live in a house or apartment. The last one is not where we originated from either, but it is a place that we flourish.

What place do we consider our home? Our RV is our home, and wherever we go is the place of now. I guess that will have to do for an explanation of what we consider home.

The other prompts will be here soon enough, this is just the starting point.

What Type of Planner do you use? Here are a few I have used throughout the years:




Filofax USA

Can I ask you a Question?

I’d like to ask those who write, whether in a journal or on a blog, do you have a certain place you go to for writing prompts? If you do, please share it below.

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