2011: Healthiness of Truck and Selves for RVers

Healthy Living of All Bodies

Working and Living in 3 National Parks!


Laura & Sasha in Lake Mead NRA

Laura & Sasha in Lake Mead NRA

I have kept tallies on our expenses since 2007. We record every penny going in and out. I love looking back and seeing how much gas was in 2007 or 2008, compared to now. Or what was expensive to us then vs now. We follow the principles in Your Money or Your Life, Transforming Your Relationship with Money.

For 2011: This year was more expensive in normal spending than last year, but last year we had more one-time expenses that we had in 2011.

We did more maintenance on vehicles, and spent more on health. We also had to pay for electricity in Grand Canyon NP and a few other things. And the food (because I found out I needed to be gluten free) was higher as we searched for foods I could eat, sometimes buying more expensive food. The rest of the explanation is below.

How to Be Healthy When On the Road

Our Expenses:

  • Food, Food & Household: $3,576.67
  •         , Provisions: $1,369.13
  •         , Farmer’s Market: $155.44
  •         , Out To Eat: $1,897.86

Totals: $6,999.10

  • Clothing, Laura: $90.08
  •              , Sasha: $447.10
  •              , Both: $104.00

Totals: $641.18

  • Household, Laundry: $84.00
  •                  , Electricity: $574.40
  •                  , Rent/Storage: $600.00
  •                  , Propane: $54.83
  •                  , Tools: $1,118.60

Totals: $2,431.83

  • Shelter, Hotels/Motels: $248.11
  •            , Campgrounds: $62.04
  •            , Services/Maintenance: $377.21
  •            , Camper Upgrades: $1,579.40
  •            , Registration: $248.00
  •            , Inspection: $0
  •            , Insurance: $203.00

Totals: $2,718.06

  • Transportation, Diesel: $3,261.70
  •                        , Gas for Cycle/Generator: $196.42
  •                        , Truck Maintenance: $2,862.48
  •                        , Cycle Maintenance: $2,156.59
  •                        , Scooter Maintenance: $195.63
  •                        , Tolls/Parking: $13.00
  •                        , Truck Registration/Taxes: $390.02
  •                        , Motorcycle Registration: $13.88
  •                        , Scooter Registration: $13.87
  •                        , Truck Insurance: $797.10
  •                        , Motorcycle Insurance: $29.75
  •                        , Scooter Insurance: $29.75
  •                        , Truck Upgrades: $2,496.18
  •                        , Motorcycle Upgrades: $211.43
  •                        , Scooter Upgrades: $0
  •                        , TX Driver Licenses: $6.50

Totals: $12,674.30

  •  Communication, Postage: $336.12
  •                           , Cell Phones: $250.71
  •                           , Internet: $1,376.66
  •                           , Hosting: $83.88
  •                           , Escapees: $155.00
  •                           , Mailbox: $55.00
  •                           , Skype: $10.00
  •                           , Computer Upgrades: $82.80
  •                           , eBay/PP Fees: $60.07
  •                           , Software: $246.49

Totals: $3,742.98

  • Health, Health Insurance (L): $1,380.39
  •           , Health Insurance (S): $1,280.93
  •            , Doctor: $794.00
  •            , Dentist: $0
  •            , Medications: $566.96
  •            , Health Other: $91.71

Totals: $4,113.99

  • Recreation, Books/Maps: $184.86
  •                  , Fun Stuff: $987.61
  •                  , Gardening: $80.06
  •                  , Camping Gear: $55.30
  •                  , Music: $5.11
  •                  , Gifts: $180.23

Totals: $1,493.17

  • Taxes/Memberships, Bank Charges/Fees: $13.15
  •                                  , Cost of Costco/Sams: $93.78
  •                                  , Gambling: $48.00
  •                                  , State Tax: $191.00
  •                                  , Federal Income Tax: $930.00
  •                                  , Shortfalls: $20.35

Totals: $1,296.28

Total Totals: $35,024.63

2010 Totals without One Time Expenses: $33,378.45

One-Time Expenses:

  • Refurbished MacBook Pro Laptop: $1,086.25

Real Total Totals: $36,110.88

2010 Totals with One Time Expenses: $40,027.52


The explanation of the expenses of the year are below:

Winter in Lake Mead NRA, Spring/Summer Working for NPS & Back to Lake Mead in the Fall! 

OK, This might look a little confusing, why have two lines for 2010? Well, in 2010, like 2009, we had a bunch of one time expenses, like buying my scooter and Sasha’s motorcycle and a new laptop. This year, we did not have many one-time expenses, we just had the buying a new laptop. The rest of it seemed like just normal expenses. So because I made that change in 2011 (and will probably continue that thought process) I usually show the previous year’s expenses.

So as you can see, Our Total Totals of 2011 were higher than the Without One Time Expenses but lower than the With Everything Expenses of 2010. So I am going to go out on a limb here and say that we did not have any inflation this year based on what we spent. It is pretty much a wash.

What is not a wash, however, is the average. This year, the first year since we started full-timing, that we did not go under $1,000 for expenses. The lowest we ever got was $1,238.51 for April. So as a resolution for us, we are going to try to get a couple of months under the $1,000 mark. It will be hard, as we need to do some maintenance work on the truck, get new cushions for the RV and be healthy. But hopefully now that we have no contract on our internet, and we do not need to buy a new laptop, we will be able to lower our costs for 2012. We can only hope.

January 2011 – In Nevada, at Lake Mead National Recreation Area, and close to Las Vegas. How much money did we spend on updating the truck?

February 2011 – In Nevada, at Lake Mead National Recreation Area, and close to Las Vegas. Did we learn from our mistakes of January or did we keep going?

March 2011 – Going back to Canyonlands National Park. Hopefully will not have to deal with a Government Shutdown and the Food Madness Got Us.

April 2011 – First full month in Canyonlands National Park, but then to Grand Canyon National Park, who knew? Two National Parks in a Month!

May 2011 – The next full month in Grand Canyon National Park. Health Insurance Whammy!

June 2011 – Lots of work, lots of programs, and quite a bit of spending.

July 2011 – Hot in the Grand Canyon, what to do? Monsoon season has started.

August 2011 – Another hot month in Grand Canyon, whatever will we do for fun? Get Healthy Sound Good!

September 2011 – We were in Grand Canyon for September, and I got training in Astronomy (Telescopes especially!) at Acadia National Park in Maine!

October 2011 – We will be seeing my parents in Sedona, AZ for a week, and I worked for Grand Canyon Association for the rest of the month. Family & Friends Visit

November 2011 -We were in Lake Mead National Recreation Area after leaving Grand Canyon NP. Lots of Expenses for different reasons.

December 2011 – We were at Lake Mead National Recreation Area for another winter season. In the two months of being in Lake Mead (November and December) we saw more of the park than in the last two seasons Combined! Not bad.

This year the expenses were high for us. We did not go into savings but we also did not save very much. Most of the Savings were put back into the Savings, i.e. that were put into the CDs or Investments and very little was used for income.

The Expenses without the one time expenses: $35,024.63

We saved a little over 21 percent of our income from paychecks and investments this year.  

While we did not save as much this year, we had several moves and lived in some pretty awesome places where there were either big expanse of water or no water at all. Living and Working at the Grand Canyon gave us so much while costing very little. I mean, really, how many people do you know who can say they lived at the Grand Canyon?

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