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Finances of Living in a Fifth Wheel Toyhauler
February 2012

Full Time RVing – The Expensive Year

Winter Foods February

February – Food High 

Laura and Sasha Hiking and Outside Enjoying Life

Laura and Sasha Hiking and Outside Enjoying Life

If all goes according to the plan, we will volunteer in the winter (which will only be a couple of months: January, February, and most of March) and work/volunteer for six months at a National Park. After that, we are not sure, somewhat thinking of going back east for the fall. We shall see!

February 2012 – Where are we – We are in Lake Mead National Recreation Area in NV.

Expenses: For the Month of February: Starting the year off pretty bad, but it will lead to better things.

Expenses for February 2012

  • Food, Food and Household: $272.99
  •         , Provisions: $559.10
  •         , Out to Eat: $360.12
  • Clothing, Sasha: $167.53
  • 5th Wheel, Tools: $38.83
  •                 , Campgrounds: $229.28
  •                 , Maintenance: $75.15
  •                 , Upgrades: $196.83
  • Transportation, Diesel: $406.71
  •                        , Gasoline: $58.28
  •                        , Truck, Maintenance: $597.13
  •                        , Motorcycle, Maintenance: $477.13
  •                        , Parking/Tolls: $8.00
  • Communication, Internet: $59.99
  • Recreation, Books/Maps: $22.80
  •                  , Fun Stuff: $50.91

Total Expenses = $3,581.19

Always High Expenses in Winter

OK, February is gone and the expenses are high! Just so you understand, though, we have higher expenses in the winter time as we gear up for the new season. We KNOW that the more stuff we buy now, the less we have to buy in Arizona, as well as in a more expensive town (Flagstaff) and state. AND it is much easier to ship to Las Vegas when we need stuff to be shipped, as we have a dedicated PostNet store where our mailbox is located. That way FedEx, UPS and USPS can all be shipped to one place.

Once we move back to the Grand Canyon NP, we are looking at two places where people would ship to and double the confusion. So getting our stuff (maintenance, equipment, food, clothing, etc.,) is made easier when we live in a larger community. Once we move, I hope that the expenses will go down.

Provision Pandemonium

Food: Well we started getting some of the provisions in February, because we were not re-upping the Costco Membership until we went back to a Costco again (maybe sometime in the Fall.) While this is not a huge expense, what is the point on having a membership unless you use it. We can only use it on the east coast and when we are in Vegas. Costco is not anywhere close to us when we are in Grand Canyon. The closest Costco is in Phoenix.

So we went a little hog wild on provisions from Costco, lots of dried fruit again, but also, dried Parmesan (as you do not need freezer space!), pickles, salsa, beans, black olives,bacon bits, olive oil, frozen fruit and veggies, peanuts (to go with raisins to make our own mix!), granola, and they even started to have Gluten Free crackers. And the only place we could find Agave Nectar for our shakes.

We have noticed that they are fruu-fruing up a bit. We loved their inexpensive lemon juice, it came in plastic containers and lasted forever. Now they have glass containers, smaller and “imported” from Italy. WHY would you do that? Anyway, we got what we needed and now will wait until fall to get the membership back.

We also went out to eat quite a bit when we were at Death Valley. While we did have snacks and food, we were only going to go for two or three days, and it ended up being almost five. So we did not have enough for breakfast (and there were some great places to eat!) so we did so. We also went out to eat with friends and Sasha went out to eat with his biking buddies.

Clothing for Motorcycling

Clothing: This was on Sasha’s side, he needed some motorcycle pants that would not be so hot especially come this summer. The ones he has now are good for winter (because they are black and heavy) and so he got gray ones that actually breathe, but can protect as well.

Campgrounds Cheap, Motels Expensive!  

5th Wheel: We went camping for four nights from February 6th through the 10th. That came to $56 or $14 a night. Great site, right near the bathrooms and excellent night sky right outside the tent. The other money $173.28 was for the motel I stayed at in Phoenix for my conference on Mayan 2012. The motel was only partially good, but the workshop was great.

We bought tools (Dremel parts and stuff for the 5th Wheel for the generator as you have to change the oil every year, so oil must be bought. We also got mouse poison and AAA batteries for emergencies.

And then we had some upgrades, like getting a new rug for the area between the bathroom and the sink, and new locks for the rig, plus an antenna for the wifi and paper towel holders for the garage.

Transportation Tragedy 

The fill up – $406! basically for 106 gallons of diesel fuel. Hopefully will last us until it is time to go to Grand Canyon, but you never know…

Motorcycle fill ups, thankfully not as expensive, especially because of better gas mileage.

Maintenance of truck: had two diagnostics done on the truck, found a mouse nest (yuck!) and figured out about the exhaust brake. Sasha also bought oil and filter for the truck.

Motorcycle maintenance: Sasha got a bunch of upgrade bling for the motorcycle. In a couple of months he would put it on, but not in February. He just bought it then. (I will have pictures for it.)

Finally, I had some parking fees with going down to Phoenix, as I was in downtown and there was no onsite or on road parking available.

We’ll Always Have Internet

Communication: We always have the internet price, it comes in exactly on the first at like 4 am.

Touristy Times

Recreation: A couple of maps and books, when we were at Death Valley, and postcards of course. Have to have the postcards, as sometimes the pictures can not do it justice.

We also went to Springs Preserve in Las Vegas – beautiful place with gardens and plants and cool things to look at. It also included going to the State of Nevada Museum. Pictures of course of fossils and mammouths.

We also got LED lights (for flashlights only better) that are fun and useful.

Present Day Laura: Food and Transport high as we do some more traveling within the area. 

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