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The Finances of Living in a Truck Camper:
January 2009

Apartment Living

Applying for Jobs & Sasha working full-time

January – Food & Transportation Highs

Us & NPS

Laura & Sasha at Cape Hatteras

January –  Rent is paid, High Food Costs and high Transportation costs. The picture you see here on the right and the featured image we took on one of our last days at Cape Hatteras, in September 2009.

When you work hard enough, your dreams might ultimately happen. My dream of becoming a park ranger became a realization and truth. But in January, we did not know that was possible. Although I was applying like crazy during January, there was no indication that I might get a job.

OK January was an interesting month but the start of something great later on.

Living in a house: how much money did we waste on Eating Out?


Expenses for January 2009

  • Food, Food and Household: $269.62
  •         , Provisions: $9.13
  •         , Out to Eat: $165.00
  • Transportation, Tolls: $35.00
  •                        , Car Gas: $79.39
  •                        , Car Maintenance: $26.16
  •                        , Diesel: $152.79
  •                        , Motorcycle, Maintenance: $80.00
  • Camper Expenses: Services: $3.86
  • Communication, Cell Phone (L): $30.45
  •                          , Cell Phone (S): $30.45
  •                          , Postage: $42.13
  • Health, Insurance (L): $113.00
  •           , Herbals: $29.00
  • Recreation, Gifts: $12.13
  •                  , Fun Stuff: $99.00
  • Memberships: Costco: $50.00

Total Expenses = $1,240.64

Pretty Good for the Beginning of the Year

The food expenses were not too bad, considering we got bought lots of food for Sasha for work. I really believe that this price will go down once we are away from this area. We’ll be able to eat together and not eat out as much.

That expense also was a bit high, again because we are not in a place where we can cook our own food without the stench of smoke, so we tend to eat out more often than not.

Transportation Went Up! 

Transportation was high this month because, partly of prices and partly because of our baby-sitting the Batal kids. Sasha had a longer commute to work. We also went more places this month, checking out a couple of shows: RV and Motorcycle. So there was driving to the shows. And of course driving up and back to NJ, we did that in the truck.

Recreation and Fun

We definitely had fun this month, going to motorcycle shows and RV shows – using coupons and other things, managed to keep the costs down, but still, it is there. We also went to NJ this month, it was great to see everyone – and we saw my entire family, which was fabulous. We got my cousin Denise a couple of scratch-off games, so that was what the gift was for. All in all the NJ trip was great.

The Recreation stuff was, fun! We went to the RV show in Chantilly, VA and checked out some rigs, none that really were exactly what we wanted but there were a few toy haulers there. But what was cool was that we took my niece and her friend as well as my nephew with us to the show. We got to see the RVs from a kids’ perspective, and that was neat.

We also went the motorcycle show, that was in DC. The show was definitely not as big as it was last year. Sasha thought he’d have to make two days of it, we managed to do everything and see everything that we wanted in 4 hours. Just goes to show you what is going on with the economy right now, people don’t want to look – and it still cost you money to go see the stuff.

Household Expenses

Utilities: So no utilities this month as we have paid rent back in November for December, January and February’s rent. The rent includes utilities.

Hello, Can You Hear Me Now? 

Communication this month was a little high, because we both put more time on our phones, and we were selling things on eBay and I put in a bunch of applications (not all of them are online, some had to be mailed in)!  So postage was high and so were the cell phones.

Hopeful of Health

We have started to use the HSA money – going to the dentist and other stuff as much as possible. Since we do not have the gym membership we have to do other things to get healthy. Unfortunately, I did get sick with a nasty cold that lasted about 2 weeks, with a bad cough. Had to just let it run its course, but at least I had a few drugs and doc visits to make sure I was on the right track. Sasha got some herbal stuff to try to fix his toe, he will go to the doc next month if it is not healed.


And of course, beginning of the month, I went to Costco and I had to re-up for membership at Costco, but we went with the regular price rather than the “Executive” price.

We really do not spend as much at Costco as when we had the house, so the extra price is not worth it anymore, nor do we get enough back to pay for the membership (something like if you $5000, you get a cash back of 2%, which would equal $100 – which would pay for the membership.) Last year I think we may have spent less than $1000 at Costco, so the Executive membership did not give us anything in return.


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