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Finances of Living in a Fifth Wheel Toyhauler
July 2011

Full Time RVing – RVing at 3 NPS Parks

Summer in a Park

July – For Later

Laura-n-Sasha's First Ride at THE GRAND Canyon!

Laura-n-Sasha’s First Ride at THE GRAND Canyon!

So the plan has changed a little bit: Volunteering in the winter (happened!) during January, February, and a little of March; working in Canyonlands National Park (sort of!) during a little bit of March, almost all of April; working in Grand Canyon National Park (unexpected!) during last bit of April, May, June, July, August and September. After that, we are thinking of heading back to Lake Mead for the late fall through next winter. We shall see!

July 2011 – Where are we – We are in Grand Canyon National Park, Desert View in Arizona.

Expenses: For the Month of July: Pretty good month so far, we are trying for four weeks before we go into town! Ok, that did not happen, but we have tons of fruits and veggies, so we will be eating good for a while.

Expenses for July 2011

  • Food, Food and Household: $319.40
  •         , Provisions: $56.20
  •         , Farmer’s Market: $43.10
  •         , Out to Eat: $140.71
  • Transportation, Diesel: $324.89
  •                        , Motorcycle, Gas: $7.73
  •                        , Scooter, Maintenance $66.98
  •                        , Motorcycle, Maintenance $6.44
  • Household, Propane: $0
  •                  , Laundry: $15.00
  •                  , Electricity: $102.00
  •                  , Rent: $150.00
  •                  , Tools: $146.27
  •                  , Motel: $116.41
  • Communication, Cell Phone: $33.59
  •                          , Internet: $62.44
  • Health, Doctor: $89.00
  • Recreation, Books: $40.74
  •                  , Fun Stuff: $461.70
  •                  , Music: $2.12

Total Expenses = $2,206.71

Expenses Now For Later 

OK, July is gone, so, I will put the explanations in as well. So This month is one of the cheaper ones. While we have not been able to get it down below $2K, we are not bad for this month.

Fruits and Veggies with Beer

Food: We spent a bunch on food. Part of it, you can see, was provisions but most of it was just regular food stuff. However, we also had mouse traps and stuff in with the food prices. We also went to the Farmer’s Market a couple of times this month. We are going to try to not go to the store as often, but it is also nice to get out of the rig and go into town. We bought lots of fruits and veggies and at least one case of nicer beer – Tecate, great with lime! We went to Sam’s twice this month, and that added up too.

We also went out to eat a little more, since we had a “holiday” in Flagstaff, so we ate out quite a bit. But we did not go so much into the Village to eat anymore, so that was not too bad.

High Price for Electricity and Motel

Household: Spent a bit with the household, partly as some of it is rental, some laundry, and electricity. We spent two nights in Flagstaff, so paid for a motel. It was probably one of the cheapest that still had free internet. We actually spent a bit of time downloading music/ movies and uploading my website pages.

Tools were expensive, but needed, for the Bike. Sasha did a ton of work on the bike, including taking off both tires and putting new ones on.

Traveling Season Increase Diesel Prices

Transportation: The biggest expense within transportation is the diesel that we bought for the couple of months that we need it. If we can go two months without filling up, that would be great. We shall see on that. It was a little bit of a pain to do it at Sam’s, we might have to rethink that strategy. We could only fill up a $100 at a time. As you may notice, there is over $300 there. Not only did I get a couple of calls from Visa, I also got a text message, and an email. IT was so stupid but Sam’s does not take American Express. If they did, we would not have gotten emails, texts, and a phone call. Crazed!

The scooter needs some maintenance, and Sasha bought two new tires for it. Mine are starting to get bald, but I only go three miles each way. He said he can get the front tire on and off but the back tire will need help. But we have yet to do it, as I need it for work. We believe it will be fine, but no long trips for me. Oh well.

Sasha got another cargo net, this one for his bike. I took his so that I could use it for my hat box. I have a special hat box for my flat hat, that I got through work. It is great, my hat does not get rained on, or squished or anything else. And it is a good ice breaker!

We’d Like to Talk to You

Communication: Is for both the cell phone (Sasha needed more minutes and time) and Verizon. At least we did not go over the minutes.

Health Insurance Finally Pays Off

Health: Sasha had to pay $89 for the couple of minutes for the doctor that he saw back in June for that Hanta Virus scare. At least insurance paid for part of it.

Green Laser Pointer Creates WOW Factor

Recreation: There was a bit of recreation, or there will be in September. I bought an airline ticket to Bangor, Maine. I was accepted into the Sky Rangers Workshop in Acadia National Park, where I will be learning about telescopes and the night sky. It is pretty amazing and I wanted to get the tickets as soon as possible. I will only have to pay $35 once I get there, for the Saturday night stay, but the other nights, food, and transfers, as well as the training, will be paid for by the organization. Great way to really learn about the night sky and I can not wait.

We also got some maps and a book from NPS and Forest Service when we were down in Flagstaff.

And the last thing, we got this white noise to try to help us sleep without earplugs. But it did not work. Oh well, only $2.12 for it. It was actually an app.

Present Day Laura: We got Sam’s Club Membership as there were no Costco’s but I think that is something we might not do anymore. When you have an auxiliary freezer/refrigerator, you can stock up on enough stuff to get you through a season.  


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