From Urals to Teslas: Enjoying RVing Lifestyle Come Ride With Us

From Urals to Teslas: Enjoying the RVing Lifestyle

Taking a Ride, Seeing the Countryside 

Driving our Ural on dry lake bed to curvy highway, past a Tesla Commercial to springs and back again.

Seeing a Tesla Commercial Production in Progress on the Side of the Rod

From Urals to Teslas

Driving our Ural on dry lake bed to curvy highway, past Tesla Commercial to springs and back again.

We decided to go on a short ride on Tuesday, April 11th, after I had gotten some work done. Sasha had gone out the day before with Gary, a guy with a street bike. They had taken a different path but Sasha had seen this one on a map and wanted us to try it. Sasha looks at maps, he loves looking at them. I am direction challenged, so I am more than happy that he has that love.
Sasha had scooped out the area before and saw a Tesla film crew. And then he said, he opened up Facebook and saw an article about how Tesla has surpassed GM in Most Valuable Car Company!!! Really? I had been reading about Tesla surpassed Ford the other day, but now GM too? Tesla has not made a profit, yet they are still considered, by Wall Street, more valuable.
Those cars are beautiful. Way too expensive for us, but the concept and the beauty of those cars is nice. I know they have cars coming out in the $35K range but still, they are way too high for what we need. I like the idea that you can have a functional vehicle and charge it to go the 250-300 miles a day. When we are traveling we try to limit ourselves to that amount per day.

Pretty Good Article from Washington Post

We read the article of Tesla’s Crazy Climb to America’s Most Valuable Car Company

What I liked about this article is that it told me more about the company of Tesla, not only its cars. How it is investing and

Developing batteries that could store power from rooftop solar panels, expanding its mission into a renewable-energy enterprise.

So what if GM doesn’t like that they use less workers on the floor or went past them in value? Their ideas and research can make them into an even better company.

Going Past the Article For Another Point

Companies that do more than one industry are on the right path. The area we were in, between Nevada and California, is high desert. There is tons of sun, big open areas, and dry conditions. Perfect for solar panels or wind turbines. If a company decides to put in more alternative energy sources in that area, it would be a great idea.
Renewable energy enterprises such as Tesla can only grow larger. The need for something different, imaginative, and (dare I say it) cool will always be there for us. We should take advantage of Tesla’s imagination and propel ourselves forward. I am not suggesting buying Tesla’s stock, but if you have the money, get something solar.
We have solar panels on the roof of our RV and a solar panel in our truck. The truck’s panel is a trickle charge to our truck batteries, as we have the truck sit for long periods of time. The solar panels on the roof of our RV connect to our inverter and electrical system. This allows us plenty of electricity for living off the grid.
We can charge our electronics and run our lights although we prefer natural lighting. We cannot do air conditioning yet I do not want to be boondocking and running the air. Usually that means it is too hot anyway.

Taking the Ride

Yes, we read a bunch of articles and books about everything else. We read our news and watch entertainment, not the other way around. And sometimes we create entertainment for ourselves in the form of a ride or enjoying the day at the pool.
In this case, we have the Ural SideCar Motorcycle, our get-around, fun-mobile vehicle. This motorcycle can go off-road and on pavement. It is not the fastest vehicle on the road, which is fine with me. We wear helmets because it is the law. I wear a helmet too because I hate getting bugs on my face and having my hair all over the place. Besides, my helmet is pretty cool looking anyway, butterfly glitter stickers. So THERE!
The Ride took us on pavement then to a gravel road on Bureau of Land Management, then to a dry lake bed. Man oh man, we need to go back to the dry lake bed before we leave! It was like pavement only smoother. If you ever have a chance to go on a dried lake bed for a ride, take it. It is unreal, and the pictures cannot do what the eye does as far as the experience.
Watch the video and check out the Tesla car commercial in progress. These are their cars which are the newer models, the Model 3. Those sell for $35K and like I said, they are gorgeous!

The Video:

Have you ever gone on a ride and found something unusual?

IF you have, please reply below. We might have to check it out on our Ural…


What kind of riding do you like to do? If you see something unusual on your next ride, please post it here so we can check it out.