Frugality At Its Finest?

Frugality At Its Finest?
April 2008

Workamper Living

Workamping at Campground & Sasha working full-time

April – First Month Working for a Campground

Our RV Spot in 2008

Move in Day

April 1st: Candy Hill Campground:

We got a sort of late start, I had wanted to leave by 10 am, but it was raining and yucky, so we decided to leave a little later in the day. We got off at 12:30 pm ****Beginning of our Crack of Noon Club early on*** not too much later but probably should have called them to let them know we were running behind. Of course, can’t call with the cell phones while on the road, and we were driving separately, Sasha in the truck with the Camper and me in the Saturn. We would go back later that night to get the motorcycle.

It was quite windy on April Fool’s Day, like Mother Nature was playing a joke on us, making it windy like March. But we got to the campground fine, at around 2 pm, and the managers were glad to see us. We got set up, decided to wait on getting the motorcycle until after traffic and hoped that it would not rain.

I actually checked out the office and spent a little time in there, checking out the software and stuff. They told me that tomorrow I was going with a bunch of hotel/motel people to get a condensed view of Winchester, VA, with all of it history and things to do. WOW – jumping right in – which I like.

We left the campground at 8 pm, got dinner at a McDonald’s and drove back to Prince William Forest Park. We got there around 9 pm, Sasha got suited up, and then we got back on the road. It was very windy out. I drove back behind Sasha, so I could watch whenever a large gust was blasting up the highway. But Sasha handled himself like a pro. I was still very glad when we got back to the campground around 11pm.

We took showers in the camper and got to bed around 11:30. It is very quiet here. Did not see too many people up at that time.



Check Out An Area for Work

April 2nd – The Environs of Winchester, VA

Had to get up early to go to the Visitor Center in Winchester. Candy Hill’s Trolley was used for the all encompassing tour of Winchester. I got back at 4 pm, took a small nap and it is a little cold here. Had the heat on.

Working Hard for a Campground Site

April 3rd: Lindsay Michelle Lawrence’s Birthday (my Niece)!

First Day of Work!  Well, I got back from work, and I am very excited. The people I work with are very nice, most live in the area. I guess right now, I am the only workamper. The Internet is stating that I am spelling that word wrong, but in fact, that is a word. It means that you are working where you are also camping (or living), so there is no commute time.

I worked from 2-8 pm. I had had a late lunch so I figured I would eat dinner afterwards (which I did).  I like the later hours as Sasha, when he goes back to work, will be going into work later in the morning, then working out somewhere near his work, and then come home. We stay up later than most people but it works for us. I still like to get up around 7 or 7:30 am to write about yesterday’s experiences and having the broadband internet (YAHOO!) is so nice. And our cell phones work well here.

So I worked from April 3rd to April 8th, usually 4 to 6 hours every day. Not full time, but I have to work 24 hours a week for the site, the rest is paid time.

April 9th: First day off, went to see my niece and nephew down in Richmond. Spent some time with my niece, since I am not going to be able to on April 12th for her birthday party. Boo Hoo, I wanted to be at the party but working from 2-8pm makes that impossible.  I also closed on April 8th with another co-worker, so that I could do it by myself later on in the week.

Starting to get more familiar with Winchester and its environs. I think on Saturday or Sunday, will have to check out a couple of gyms and the library.

Searching For Food

April 10th: Found a great grocery store called Martins. It is similar to Wegmans and Safeway I think. Relatively good prices, even though grocery prices are high. They also have a gas station, although the prices are similar to other gas stations.

April 11th: I worked a slightly different shift: 10-4 pm. The campground is pretty dead in the morning, then around lunch time we start to get phone reservations, and by evening we are packed.

One of the employees was fired, he only lasted a week. But the owners were completely justified in doing so, the guy was difficult and slightly weird. I guess there are all kinds at the campground.

However, looking back on that time, I saw one fired employee and another worker quit, so what does that mean to those that stay?

Saving Money with Motorcycling

There was a ferocious storm that evening, I was worried about Sasha but he managed to time it perfectly so he hardly got wet coming home from work. He has started to use the motorcycle to go to work. We can save money on the commute, as the motorcycle gets 40+ mpg while the Saturn gets 30+ mpg. And there are only two tires rather than four.

April 12th: We are going to the grocery store today to check it out and the area. I also want to take Sasha to the farmer’s market today too. We’ll try to find the library as well and get a library card. OK, going to wake him up! Visiting the area to see what is here…And it looks pretty good.

April 13th through April 16th:  Working hard every day, in a double shift sort of thing, because one co-worker quit, and we are leaving for the Mid Atlantic Truck Camper Rally on April 16th afternoon. Sasha went to his parents’ house on Sunday and stayed over there rather than coming home each night so that he could get more done at work.

Frugal Ideas 

  • Using a vehicle that gets great mileage
  • Using a vehicle that is fully paid for means less deductible
  • Using one vehicle all the time, while the others are hardly used at all means less insurance
  • Shopping around for good prices on groceries
  • Finding farmer’s markets and pick-your-own farms means healthy food
  • Commuting differently than most means less stop and go
  • Check out eBay listings rather than going to a store

So not much to report, except that I was excited for the Rally. Check Out The Truck Camper Rally…


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