Frugality in an RV Seminar

Frugality in an RV
Seminar & Freebies

Laura & Sasha's Excellent Adventure!

Laura & Sasha’s Excellent Adventure

Laura & Sasha give a talk on being frugal in an RV.

While you can certainly be frugal anywhere, we found that we became more frugal when we live in an RV.

We are on our 11th year of Full-Timing in an RV, and we have a few tips to share with the rest of the RVing community.

And we have some give-aways or freebies as well.

For those that want to download them as soon as possible, please click and download each separately.

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Freebie Files


Screen Capture

A Screen shot of the sample sheet with some explanations

To get Open Office, a free open source software program that works similar to Microsoft Office

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The Seminar Outline

A little bit about us first will be presented by Sasha Jevtich

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We will have some more stuff here too

I. Mindset: Changing the way you look at being frugal

A. YMOYL – Making a dying vs making a living

B. What is most important in your life?

II. Tracking everything using the tracking spreadsheet

A. Making peace with your past and moving forward

B. Using free software and our template

C. Decide on a Price Point for your family

III. The Tortoise and The Hare – Aesop’s Fables, Slow but steady wins the race.

A. Start off slowly, choosing one or two ideas to start

B. Make sure the entire family is on-board for the changes. You can’t have just one family member making the frugal decisions and the other being a spendthrift. Set goals together.


(Cont.) Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

IV. The Basics: Food, Shelter, and Clothing

A. Food: People always start with Food

  1. Price book or food list
  2. Going with Generics
  3. Using your spreadsheet
  4. Cooking at home
  5. Creating Recipes

B. Shelter: How many like the rig they have? How many are thinking of changing?

  1. Use what you got until you have saved enough to buy something else. Do not get loans.
  2. Buy the best you can afford but then go cheaper.
  3. Lower your expectations (unfortunately) and have more cash
  4. Live small
  5. Lots to be cheap on with shelter but two things you want new: a) tires & b) solar
  6. Learn to do more yourself to make your RV your home
  7. Stay in one place a little longer: Daily vs weekly vs monthly rates
  8. Boondocking

C. Clothing: RVing looks are casual

  1. Casual, wash and wear clothing is best
  2. How many of you work? Do you have video conferences at least 1x a week?
  3. Thrift stores aren’t what they used to be
  4. Need something fancy, go to consignment shops
  5. Working Gear for pants

Got the three basic needs now we can go to the Safety Needs

V. Higher Level Needs, Called Safety Needs are the things that make your life more bearable.

A. Transportation: Your Tow Vehicle (TV), motorcycle, Tow Hauler, bicycle, whatever, that allows you to explore away from your home base.

  1. Learn how to properly take care of vehicle
  2. Buy your tools & supplies while on sale, not when you need them.
  3. Watch (if they allow) technicians doing their work so that you can do it next time
  4. Insurance and Roadside Assistance, Have both

B. Health and Healthcare

  1. Depends on your domicile: How many are domiciled in TX, SD, FL, NV, or some other state?
  2. Depends on you staying healthy, like me shaking too many hands at a conference got me sick, and therefore got Sasha sick too.
  3. Being outdoors is better than being cooped up.
  4. Go to states that have no sales tax on toiletries and paper goods, cough drops and cold medicine, and stock up. You will know when to buy
  5. Go to Mexico for prescriptive medicines and dental care
  6. Get eyes checked at Costco (don’t need to be a member) and then get glasses in Mexico or online
  7. Eating healthy foods, drinking water and being outside are some of the best ways to stay healthy.

VI. The Wants, after all the needs, the wants are the icing on the cake.

A. Communication of old and new systems

  1. Mail forwarding – get your bill online, so that there is less mail to send you
  2. Phone: data, text, and calls: data is killing RVers…Hard to hear, but if you are a data hog, see where the data is going each day. Try using libraries (free), wifi hot spots (usually cost a drink), or campgrounds’ wifi (not as fast as other places).
  3. Do you really need Netflix if you are scrounging for your next meal? Really? And those go under Recreation anyway.
  4. Software: we use a free version of Microsoft Office called Open Office. Word, Spreadsheet, and PowerPoint versions. Macs use their versions. Use what you got as long as you can and save.
  5. Hardware: buy refurbished. Our MacBook Pros and iPhones are bought used and they retain their value.
  6. Amazon Prime, just increased their monthly rates from $10.99 to $12.99. Much better to get the $99 for the year. If you buy most of your stuff on Amazon, it is worth it. Plus, you can get free books and music. [however, there are also libraries everywhere, and you can read or watch without a library card too].
  7. Social Media, usually free

B. Recreation – living this lifestyle of ours

  1. Being part of a group, like Xscapers and Escapees helps you meet others and is pretty inexpensive for a membership. We have had a membership since 2009.
  2. Going outside, this lifestyle is connected to the outside. Better and healthier lifestyle
  3. Use what you got now, bicycles, sneakers, motorcycles and have fun
  4. Creative minds: Nature inspires creativity through words, photography, videos, music, drawing, sketching, painting, & crafting
  5. National Parks and recreation areas
  6. Sharing experiences with others
  7. Cooking with others or on your own
  8. Other free things? So many

VII. Putting it all together

A) Mindset
B) Tracking
C) Slowly Win
D) The Basics: Food, Shelter, Clothing
E) Safety Needs: Transportation & Health
F) Icing Needs: Communication & Recreation
G) One way for part-timers to become Full timers (if they want) or to make extra money:

U Rent Me

URentMe is a new concept for RVers whether you are a weekender, part-timer, snowbird, or looking to change RVs. We typically tell people to try before they buy, but normally you can’t rent a bumper pull or 5th wheel or even a van. Now you can. This portal called U Rent Me allows you to see what RVs are there to rent.

For those wanting to earn some extra money, you can do the same, rent out your RV. It is similar an idea to AirBnB but now with RVs and your toys, like motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and boats.

For those that are interested, we have Kosies for each sign up and cards with the links to check it out.


U Rent Me

Rent out your RV or rent a different one, make money or try one out!

When is the Talk?

We will be having the talk on Sunday, January 21st at 2 pm. Hopefully by that time, Laura’s cough will be mostly gone, and it will be a beautiful to sit back and learn something new from some folks that have seen it before.

Joshua Tree NP South March 2015


That is all, but again, you get some great stuff in the beginning. And if you want to have updated files for the frugal shopping list, shoot me an email, Laura @ and I will hook you up!


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