Frugality Pays Off, Our Lowest Expenses Ever!

The Finances of Living in a Truck Camper:
July 2008

Workamper Living

Working at Campground & Sasha working full-time

July – Frugality Pays Off, Our Lowest Expenses Ever!

Our RV Spot

Our RV Spot

July, can we keep up the low expenses? YES! Lowest numbers EVER!

Expenses for July 2008

  • Food, Food and Household: $212.74
  • Food, Provisions: $50.65
  • Food, PYO/Farmers Market: $35.33
  • Food, Out to Eat: $53.22
  • Clothing, All: $0
  • Transportation, Tolls: $20.80
  • Transportation, Car Gas: $114.27
  • Transportation, Diesel: $0
  • Transportation, Motorcycle, Gas: $175.17
  • Transportation, Registration, Truck: $48.75
  • Camper Expenses: Services: $56.72
  • Communication, Cell Phone(s): $0
  • Communication, Hosting: $0
  • Health, Insurance (Laura): $113.00
  • Recreation, Books/CDs: $1.60
  • Recreation, Gardening: $30.13
  • Recreation, Fun Stuff: $49.50

Total Expenses = $961.88

Unbelievable But We Did It!

Yahoo! First month below $1,000 in expenses in a long time. I think the last time we were below $1K was….Never! I think, because I had done some serious provisions in the last couple of months, that we have a low month this time. The goal is to be below $1200 for several months, if not all the time. Present Day: Yeah, you will see that did not happen. But it is a great goal anyway.

Still Stocking Up & Picking Fresh Fruit

As you can see, we still did provisions this month, but less – mostly getting dried milk, coffee, and pasta. I also went to the farmer’s markets and Pick Your Own (PYO) places to get berries and peaches. We actually had so many blueberries that I had to dry the rest of them or they would go bad. So now we have a full stock of dried berries.  We did not go to too many restaurants this month, again, the tax in this area is killing our business.

Transportation Costs Increase 

The biggest expenses that we see here are the transportation costs. We spent over $289 this month in gas. Sasha is taking a toll road to get to work as it is faster than stopping at each light every couple of miles. So we have the added expense of tolls. We also registered the Ford F-350 Truck this month, probably will register the Saturn next month.

Dehydrator as a Camper Expense

Again, no utilities, but we did get propane, but the expense will show up in the August portion, as that is when I paid for it. But again, we managed to go almost 9 months without having to fill up. The camper services were things that we bought for the camper – the dehydrator and our refrigerator light finally went out. So we got a replacement.

Healthy With Fun Living

Health Insurance stayed the same, and we had a little bit of fun this month, going to Luray Caverns with the family. I got a few more things for the garden, will have to tally up the expenses at the end of the year and see what it all cost in comparison to buying the food outright. I was overdue on a couple of library books so that was for the books. Present Day – yes, Bad Laura for overdue books. But Good Laura for using the library rather than buying books. And a lesson or two learned as well.

How to Keep the Expenses Low

Overall, we really did not spend too much, although next month I will have to add more minutes on the phone (but $45 for two months is not bad at all!) *Having a prepaid phone plan with Net10 Wireless allowed us to buy for one month but not for the next. It meant that on the odd month we had less expenses than the even month. *

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