Fun and Good Not Sad and Bad

I like my news fun and good, not sad and bad. This is why I like Flipboard so much, I can choose what news to read and look at rather than what is on the tee-vee.

I read about climate change, science, agriculture, animals, business, financial information, marketing, social media, nonprofits, education, reading, writing, and maybe some politics.

There are no stories of how many murders or crimes done that day. There are crimes, but they might be a more incendiary kind: polar bears dying of starvation or super typhoons flattening a country, of financial doom and gloom of interest rates or quarterly earnings. These items are never or rarely mentioned on the news except when they are so dramatic they have to be mentioned.

I also read about extremely cute things, anything to do with goats and fuzzy animals. Beautiful flowers and plants, books to read to children and innovative ways to get people to read your content. I have fun with my news, flipping it into magazines to read later. I sometimes comment on articles and other people follow the magazines that I flip to. They want to read the Fun and Good, not Sad and Bad news too.

I want to thank Sasha’s Mom for showing me Flipboard. She was reading news and fashion on her iPad, and I was amazed by the ease of use. And the ability to share the news that you like to others. Thank you, Mom J!

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      We will have to get you an avatar, Sasha…And a new page is coming up shortly!

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