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Finances of Living in a Fifth Wheel Toyhauler
July 2013

Full Time RVing – Cheaper RVing?

Summer Down the Mountain

July – Living in Two Places is NOT Cheap


Blueberry Picking of over 10 pounds!

Sasha Picking Blues

No, we did not pick 4 buckets only 2!

Four months of Volunteering at Lake Mead, followed by working for the US Forest Service in Washington State: Mount St. Helen’s National Volcanic Monument, then dealing with a sequestration and ultimate Government Shutdown, then headed to areas to boondock for the winter. A crazy life awaits for those who decide to say YES! I am up to the challenge! 

July 2013 – Washington State: Mount St. Helen’s National Volcanic Monument

Expenses: For the Month of July: Hopefully not too much, just paying bills from April’s Ouch & Enjoying May’s Oh My, And Only?

Expenses for July 2013

  • Food, Food and Household: $362.49
  •         , Out to Eat: $232.97
  • Clothing, Laura: $6.45
  •              , Sasha: $9.16
  • Household, Rent: $126.00
  •                  , Tools: $36.99
  • 5th Wheel, Maintenance: $12.90
  •                 , Campground: $545.00
  • Transportation, Diesel: $369.06
  •                        , Truck Maintenance: $12.90
  • Communication, Cell Phone: $34.97
  •                          , InReach: $11.41
  •                          , Internet: $59.99
  •                          , Computer Upgrade: $61.48
  •                          , Software: $5.99
  • Health, Both Insurance: $117.72
  •            , Other: $9.41
  • Recreation, Books/Map: $15.51
  •                  , Fun Stuff: $395.00

Total Expenses = $2,420.43

Summer Expensive with Two Homes

July turned out to be middle of the road expensive. Here is to hoping August is better (it should be we are stopping some automatic bills to save money and not go out to eat as much.) It also will be the month that my parents come into town to visit us for 9 days. I am sure the expenses will go up a bit. We shall see….

July’s Expenses for Fun Later

Food: We have been buying food every week rather than one big shopping trip every two weeks or so. It has turned into an expensive venture. Part of the problem is we now have two “homes”. We live up at the Mountain for 5 days a week and then come down to the camper on our weekend off. Some weekends are two days some are three. But we tend to eat out on the first night that we come down. Then (usually), not go out to eat later.

We also went picking for Marionberries and blueberries, I put them into the food and household. Tens of pounds later we used them for the smoothies, shakes, and ice cream. We froze a bunch as well and hope to use them this winter.

Clothing: Sasha got socks at Walmart; we’ll see how long they last. I got a watch battery of a watch I rarely wear but thought I should have for work. None of the interpretation ranger seem to wear a watch, so we shall see if I wear it. I have finally gotten rid of the watch line.

Household/5th Wheel: So I pay for rent – $126 for the month. But now we also have $475 rent for the RV for the weekends. I know, it seems high but it comes with Electricity! and Wifi that actually works! Plus this month which we won’t see again is the background check. It takes all of 5 minutes per person but costs $35 per person or $70 total. You would think that my government background check would count for something but oh well.

Transportation: Paid for diesel this month and hope we do not have to pay again until September. Park and walk is the best way to go at anytime. Also, got some oil that will be for the truck when Sasha gets some time to work on it.

Went the iPhone Way

Communication: The cell phones, internet and InReach are the same as always, but we are turning off our internet for August and closing our contract for InReach. We have not used it hardly at all and the internet is great at the campground, so no need to have it there. We also get 3G with our iPhones so occasionally, when we are not at the campground, we can use it.

The other stuff, like software and computer upgrades had to do with new software to learn to use the photographs better. We got iWatermark for our best pictures and I am starting to learn how to use it. Sasha got an app to use on the phone which is called Gorilla CamPro which he is starting to use and learn to use now. Sasha bought stuff to organize his electronics and camera stuff.

Health: Thankful here too, just our normal expenses of health insurance and we have been healthy. Probably because we are eating tons of berries as it is the season of the berries. The only reason there is an “other” category is because we bought extra bandages for later use. It seemed to make sense to put them there rather than household.

Recreation: The big expense here is that we are going to go to the National Association of Interpreters in November. I will go as a conference person and Sasha will have fun in the pool 🙂 This is to increase my ability to work as a ranger. It has become harder and harder to be a ranger with so many other folks coming in, and experience means nothing it seems. Therefore, this is a way to maybe push my marketability and learning to be a better ranger to the next level. I can always hope for it.

Workamping Used to Mean Something

The conference is down in Reno – where we were going to be for the Amazon work but decided against it for this year. We were unhappy with not working right there in the town. We would have had to drive 35 miles one way to go to work. I don’t think of it as a workamping situation when you have to DRIVE to work. That is just a job. Workamping means that you should be able to work and camp IN THE SAME PLACE!! 

Also, I picked up a book for the Western US about wildflowers – this is not just Pacific NW, but full west. I think it is a better book than some of the others out there, as it goes by color. For us newbies, this is the easiest way to get to know what color the flower is and therefore the plant.

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