Goblin Valley State Park, Utah. Home of incredible rock formations.

Goblin Valley State Park

We check out Goblin Valley State Park, 4-13-2016

This series of pictures was taken on April 13th, 2016.

As we make our way north to be in West Yellowstone May 1st, we were boondocking near Hanksville, Utah in the San Rafael Desert, which is not far from this gem of a State Park. We took yet another sweet ride on our Ural sidecar motorcycle to check out the goblins and formations.

It was a windy ride back as a weather front moved into the area. We have several upcoming days of cloudy, cold and windy weather….it’s not all days of wine and roses when you full time RV. But we roll with the punches and take advantage of the nice days whenever we can.

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Gallery of that day, we had a blast as usual


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