Healthy January

Finances of Living in a Fifth Wheel Toyhauler
January 2012

Full Time RVing – The Expensive Year

Winter Healthy January

January – Health High 

Laura and Sasha Hiking and Outside Enjoying Life

Laura and Sasha Hiking and Outside Enjoying Life

If all goes according to the plan, we will volunteer in the winter (which will only be a couple of months: January, February, and most of March) and work/volunteer for six months at a National Park. After that, we are not sure, somewhat thinking of going back east for the fall. We shall see!

January 2012 – Where are we – We are in Lake Mead National Recreation Area in NV.

Expenses: For the Month of January: Starting the year off pretty bad, but it will lead to better things.

Expenses for January 2012

  • Food, Food and Household: $256.81
  •         , Out to Eat: $52.13
  • Transportation, Diesel: $407.79
  •                        , Motorcycle, Maintenance: $36.59
  •                        , Scooter, Maintenance: $5.77
  •                        , Truck, Registration/Taxes $250.00
  •                        , Truck, Insurance: $$406.60
  •                        , Motorcycles, Insurance: $31.75
  • Camper, Hotel: $337.64
  • Communication, Cell Phone (L): $33.59
  •                          , Cell Phone (S): $33.59
  •                          , Internet: $59.99
  •                          , Extras: $5.35
  • Health, Doctor: $4,296.00
  • Recreation, Gift: $480.90

Total Expenses = $5,556.00

Always Healthy in the Beginning of the Year 

OK, January is gone, and the money went with it! It was an expensive month, only because of one thing. Alway it seems to happen that way, but we were planning for it, and therefore not such a big deal.

Saying NO to Casinos

Food: Since we had gone out to eat a ton in December, we did less of it in January. A whole lot less. We did not even go to a Buffet once this month. Of course that also means less gambling too. We did not step foot into a casino this month. So not bad.

We have been eating a ton of fresh fruits and vegetables. Spinach and oranges are our best friends. You would not think they go together, but they do when made into a shake. So almost all of the food cost this month is fruits and veggies. No meat, no beer, and only a Liter of Rum. I have found I can not drink bourbon any more (wheat product!!) but can drink rum! Can not drink beer but can have wine…sigh, that is the way it works anyway. So that is what I do.

Hotels/Motels are Expensive! 

5th Wheel: It was not an expense for the 5th wheel, but because we were NOT in it but at a hotel, I put it here. I suppose if we were at a campground, it would also go here. It is just a way to lump all shelter in the same place.

So we stayed in a motel for three nights. This is related to the Health stuff. I think part of the reason we did not want to leave was the internet was blazing fast and we felt as though we were in the lap of luxury. The price also included breakfast and a small dinner, which was enough for us.

Days and Minutes Confusion

Communication: We both bought minutes this month, which is a shame, we should try to do it every other month for each of us, but it is how it worked out. I bought the phone last year after I lost a phone but the length of time was when I first got onto the Net10 system. They were having a super duper promo with a 380 days or some sort of thing. So I would just re-up for the extra minutes whenever I started to run out. Now, of course, I only have 48 days and still 250 minutes left on the phone, so in 48 days, I re-up 300 more minutes and another 60 days. It is confusing, but the days go quick, yet the minutes do not….

The internet is now with Millicom but the extra was from Verizon. They wanted their last tiny little bit of blood from us, but thankfully we are finished with them now. Hi Ho, the Witch is dead! No more contracts with internet or cell phones, YAHOO!

Taking Out The Toxins

Health: We swear every year to get healthy. I know others do the same. But every year we add more and more pounds to our bodies. Even though we exercise and eat right. So we went in for a procedure to wash away the toxins in our bodies, and to start fresh. Of course, it is not covered by health insurance, as they do not want to pay you to be healthy. Even some doctors don’t want that, because then how would you be able to get this new pill, or that new procedure or whatever.

So we had to break the cycle. And I think we did. We have lost more weight in a month than we ever could have before. We are more energetic, more healthy and eating better foods. Who knows, you might be able to even tell from our pictures. Of course, I have to put them up, and that always takes the longest to do…

Gift for Tata

Recreation: We do not do much recreating, as we live in amazing places. This is very true even now. Our recreating is lots of hiking and checking out the scenery. We had to get back on the hiking trail, and it took a little time to do so after the procedure, but we are back to hiking 4-6 miles every couple of days.

Sasha and his siblings Yvonne and Bo wanted to do something extra special for their father who just finally retired (for the second time) from the FDA. The first time was with his own practice when he turned 65. It has been almost 20 years working for the FDA, in a part time capacity. I believe he has enough for a pension, but I think it was hard for him to retire. He was doing great work. So they bought him an iPad and had it engraved. We can now talk to him via FaceTime (because we have Apples too) and it does not cost anything on either side (except for internet, which he is paying for anyway and so are we.)

Present Day Laura: The health deal was huge at the time, but unfortunately we still have problems keeping the weight off. But we will not pay for something like that again. 

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