Hite to Little Egypt on the Ural

Hite to Little Egypt

Colorado River Bridge, Hite Utah, Rt 95,4-23-2016

We took this short half day outing, in and out, on 4-23-2016.


From our sweet boondocking spot in Hite, Utah, we took a mix of slab and backcountry roads with the Ural. The route crosses the Colorado River upstream of Lake Powell via Utah Rt 95 and goes up a majestic canyon with shear walls on each side. This road is also known as Trail of the Ancients National Scenic Byway. The views are spectacular the whole way and the constant curves make for very interesting slab riding.


We rode past the turn off to Bullfrog and took BLM back roads to an interesting geology site called Little Egypt which you can see below.



We just can’t get enough of Utah!


Gallery of that day, it is goes without saying fun was had.


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