Boondocking in Hite Utah, Glen Canyon NRA

Hite Glen Canyon NRA

Hite Glen Canyon NRA views and Boondocking, 4-20-2016

We were in Hite, Utah around 4-20-2016.


We were in Torrey, Utah, near Capitol Reef NP and the weather was not as warm as we would like for this time of year. In particular, I wanted to do a couple of hikes in the park, but the weather was just not cooperating. We stayed at a local RV park hoping to ride it out, but after the 4th day, we said hell with it and moved to lower elevations where we knew the weather would be exceptional.

Altitude variances can make for big differences in temps, especially out west.

I wanted to be near the Orange Cliffs anyway, so away we went. Hite is the northern most reaches of Lake Powell, at the confluence of the Colorado River, the Dirty Devil River and of course, Lake Powell. The lake level is down pretty far at Hite, so other than a take out for Cataract Canyon trips, there are no water based activities at Hite currently.

We turn a negative into a positive for us though—-Hite had very light visitation and we had this great spot to ourselves for 2 beautiful days. Only downside to this spot is the complete lack of cellular data and voice coverage….oh well, it was only 2 days and we did some some great riding……stay tuned.

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It was a great Boondocking area!

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