House Rock Valley Road Loop on the Ural

Vermillion Cliffs, NM

House Rock Valley Road Loop on the Ural, 10-26-2015

This series of pictures was taken on 10-26-2015.


We were staying in Page, AZ last fall and I’ve been wanting to do this loop ever since we got the Ural. I have ridden House Rock Valley road on my old DR650 before. This time, with the Ural, the road was a FAR worse shape. I don’t have pics to show since I was too busy dealing with harsh washboarding and washouts of every water crossing in the northern half.

We finished this ride late in the day and got back after dark. Light was fading fast as we were northbound on House Rock Valley road, the worst part of the conditions, we saw the eyes of terrified drivers heading south in 2WD rental cars. These folks obviously had permits to hike the WAVE and were determined to get to the trail head come hell or high water. I felt sorry for them.
This road can vary in conditions wildly, but I highly recommend it anyway. Make sure to check out the condor release site as well. Check with the Paria Contact station for current conditions.

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