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Finances of Living in a Fifth Wheel Toyhauler
July 2012

Full Time RVing – The Expensive Year

How To Find Cheap Fun in Summer

July – How To Find Cheap Fun

Laura and Sasha Hiking and Outside Enjoying Life

Laura and Sasha Hiking and Outside Enjoying Life

If all goes according to the plan, we will volunteer in the winter (which will only be a couple of months: January, February, and most of March) and work/volunteer for six months at a National Park. After that, we are not sure, somewhat thinking of going back east for the fall. We shall see!

July 2012 – Where are we – We are at Grand Canyon National Park in AZ.

Expenses: For the Month of July: At Grand Canyon – how expensive can it be? Yahoo! Not too bad.

Expenses for July 2012

  • Food, Food and Household: $294.48
  •         , Out to Eat: $119.16
  • 5th Wheel, Laundry: $7.00
  •                 , Electricity (x2): $134.22
  •                 , Rent: $145.00
  •                 , Campground: $10.00
  •                 , Maintenance: $67.92
  •                 , Upgrades: $6.44
  • Transportation, Diesel: $0
  •                        , Gasoline: $9.26
  •                        , Truck, Maintenance: $13.71
  •                        , Scooter, Maintenance: $38.95
  • Communication, Cell Phone (L): $33.59
  •                          , InReach: $11.41
  •                          , Internet: $59.99
  •                          , Postage: $2.47
  • Health, Laura: $58.86
  •           , Sasha: $58.86
  • Recreation, Books: $45.68

Total Expenses = $1,117.00

Finally a Low Month of Expenses! For Real!  

OK, July is gone, but our expenses are pretty good this month! Yah, Finally a good month.

Food is always high in Resort Living

Food: All I can say is that we live in a “resort” type of area, and the food prices are high. Like $5.69 for a gallon of milk. Milk costing more than a gallon of gas? Yes, in this case, because we are so far away from regular grocery shops and so it is expensive. But at least we did not go out to eat as much as we had in June!

Bunching Everything Together

5th Wheel: So there was a bunch of small expenses for the fifth wheel this month, laundry not so bad, electricity was for two months, June and July, and the rent for the month. We went to Lone Rock campground at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and it was just a spot next to the water. But Sasha was able to get some amazing pictures which will be up on our pages pretty soon.

The electricity was for two months – June and July. They managed to get us right on the cusp on July 31st. Oh well, that is the way the ball bounces.

So under maintenance, we got a few things, but the biggest has been the Shakeaway – critter (in this case, bobcat!) urine in a powder form that does not smell. This is to scare away the mice naturally. It has worked. OK now I will knock three times on wood.

Then Sasha got more hooks and caulk, as we now have places for our backpacks right above our front door.

Sasha also got a new bath towel, his last one was starting to rip to shreds. So a 6.44 upgrade. Not too shabby!

Small Maintenance

Transportation: No diesel. Next month there will be but at least not this month! Gasoline was not too bad, less than $10. Sasha did not go on any motorcycle trips this month, as we were still reeling from the expenses from last month.

The truck and the scooter both had some maintenance, but it was more for getting the oil and filters rather than a maintenance person doing the maintenance. So Truck got the oil, and scooter got the air filters. Sasha will put the air filters in my scooter in August, like the first week of August.

Communication Is Constant

Communication: So internet and DeLorme InReach are given, bought some minutes and days for Sasha’s phone. Even if we forget to put more minutes on, we still, if we have an emergency, we would still be able to call out, just not get calls in. We were also having problems with the voice mail, it was asking for a password, and we had not set it up on Sasha’s phone, and then we had problems getting to the voicemail. But we got that figured out (also again in August). So all worked out.

Same Old Same Old, Sort Of

Health: Same old same old. But at the same time, really cheap. Hopefully we will not have to use too much but it is there just in case.

Recreation: While we did recreate, we did not spend a ton of money doing that. We did get some maps for Sasha for his birthday and a magazine.

So this month was finally nicely low.

How to have fun on the cheap? Hike as much as possible, do not drive anywhere, get your physical fitness in, and wear yourself out so that you don’t shop more than necessary.

Present Day Laura: We were hiking a ton doing the hiking on full moons so that it wasn’t as hot. But then we had to worry about Lightning Strikes! 

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