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Finances of Living in a Fifth Wheel Toyhauler
June 2012

Full Time RVing – The Expensive Year

Summer Family Visits

June – Family Fun

Laura and Sasha Hiking and Outside Enjoying Life

Laura and Sasha Hiking and Outside Enjoying Life

If all goes according to the plan, we will volunteer in the winter (which will only be a couple of months: January, February, and most of March) and work/volunteer for six months at a National Park. After that, we are not sure, somewhat thinking of going back east for the fall. We shall see!

June 2012 – Where are we – We are at Grand Canyon National Park in AZ.

Expenses: For the Month of June: At Grand Canyon – how expensive can it be? Yikes! Expensive

Expenses for June 2012

  • Food, Food and Household: $119.67
  •         , Provisions: $70.95
  •         , Out to Eat: $471.06
  • Clothing, Sasha: $12.97
  • Household, Laundry: $15.00
  •                  , Electricity: $66.86
  •                  , Rent: $145.00
  • 5th Wheel, Hotels: $221.76
  •                 , Maintenance: $51.60
  • Transportation, Diesel: $427.50
  •                        , Gasoline: $93.11
  •                        , Car Wash: $7.99
  •                        , Truck, Insurance: $420.30
  •                        , Motorcycles, Insurance: $27.75
  • Communication, InReach: $11.41
  •                          , Internet: $59.99
  • Recreation, Fun Stuff: $976.57
  •                  , Gifts: $50.00

Total Expenses = $3,249.49

Embarrassing is my middle name this year!  

OK, June is here and gone, and part of the reason I was late was that it was embarassing with this expensive month. Not as bad as some months, but we did lots of traveling both together and apart, and there were two astonomical events which, while they did not exactly cost much, we still were going into the village a bit, and that costs money. So anyway, here are the explanations.

How Do I Say No To Going Out To Eat w/ Family?

Food: OK, well, what can I say? When we went to Las Vegas, we stocked up on provisions for the next three months. Lots of dried goods. We love going to Winco. But the eating out, well, most of that was from the week-long trip with the family. We went out to eat almost every night. And because it was in Sedona and Grand Canyon, it was expensive. So we do not plan to eat out too much in July or August unless it is for a really good reason.

Socks = Scarce Scrapes  

Clothing: Sasha got some knee socks so that when he rides, he does not scrape his legs from the riding boots.

Hotels/Motels are Expensive!

Household: So laundry was expensive this month, because we finally switched from our down comforter to a thinner blanket. And with that comes a different duvet. For winter we use a flannel duvet but during the summer we use a thin cloth/sheet duvet.

Electricity is not too bad now, as we keep the windows open when we can. Even when it gets really hot, we do no turn on the AC. And it did get really hot a couple of times, but I just drink tons of water and eat ice pops. Cool showers also helps. Rent stays the same each month and is automatically taken out of my paycheck, so we do not have to pay it via check or other methods.

Living Cheaply But Not Really

5th Wheel: This seems like it is becoming a habit, but really and truly not. But we went to Las Vegas because the truck brake exhaust system stopped working, and so we went to the company that had put it in for us and they were able to fix the problem. Because it was under warranty, there was no charge except for the room. We stayed at a Homewood Suites and had breakfast and dinner from them. Plus extras. We managed to fill up on small soaps and other bathroom necessities.

The Maintenance was that we bought hoses. When Sasha went on his trip, I was working and came home to a flood of water outside. I was like, WHAT – oh no, what am I going to do? But he had filled up the water tank before he left, so I did not have to worry about taking showers or washing the dishes.

And so, he order some nice water hoses online as the ones from Walmart had changed and said: “Do not leave pressurized and unattended.” So they were only good for filling up the tank but not for full time living. HOW annoying is that? They must have gotten sued. So the hoses cost more, but hopefully they will last a season or two.

Transporting Not Only Ourselves

Transportation: Well, we filled up with diesel this month, but it was during the middle of the month, so our hope is that we will not have to fill up in July, and can do it in August. That is the hope anyway.

Gasoline is high because of two things, Sasha’s trips and we filled up my parents’ car once when we were down in Jerome, AZ. When I looked at the receipt to put it into our spreadsheet, I was like, OH yeah this is not either of our bikes or our truck, as it would have either been too much or too little. It is great how the mind thinks!

We also paid for a car wash for the parents’ car.

So the insurance is for the truck and trailer. They do not separate it out really so I don’t either. But I find it interesting how we probably put more miles on our motorcycles each month than we do on our truck. Of course the truck cost more than the cycles.

Paying Automatically

Communication: Communication this month is just of the internet and the InReach. Both very good items that I talked about in detail on May’s Expenses 2012.

Health: So last month we paid for our last expensive month of health insurance, ahead of the month. Now we will be paying a smaller amount. So health insurance does not start until July.


Recreation: So we had lots of fun stuff this month, including a kayaking trip with the family. That cost was ~$600 but they also paid us back for part of it. When I called the company up, I stated, I work for the National Park Service, can I get a discount, and they gave me one! Yahoo!

We also bought an Olympus XZ-1 Digital Camera. This is an amazing camera, taking both beautiful macro and night shots.

Present Day Laura: Buying a camera was a great idea for us at the time, before iPhones really did the same job. However, iPones cannot do as well for Macro or Night Shots. They just cannot take as good a picture. 

Olympus Outlet Store

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