Lake Pueblo State Park

The Long Trip in 2006

Pueblo, Eastern Colorado – First Real Campground of the Trip 

Date: September 6-8, 2006
Mileage starting at 24,455

Like we stated earlier, we had pulled into Lake Pueblo State Park about 10 pm last night September 6. We picked a loop in the park that is quite popular, probably because it is close to the reservoir. Although we can not see the water from our spot (as we got a pull through) if we look over someone else’s camp we can see it.

We took some pictures this morning (September 7) of Yucca Flats Loop L Site 151 (I had wanted 161 but there was a tree over where we would place the rig, so that was not doable.) Also the guide that we were looking at said no shade, but that is not true here, there are trees all over and several shady spots.

I have been playing with the thumbnail sized pictures and have begun to make them larger so that you can actually see the picture.


[Future Laura: Thankfully with WordPress and the Theme we selected, we can now do a gallery of pictures and I do not have to resize the pictures down. We just have to remember where the pictures were taken and to put “tags” on them instead!] 

Lake Pueblo State Park

There is definitely some wildlife around here, we have been seeing cottontails all over (they are a little quick for the camera) and saw some quail just walking around. We took a little walk over to the ranger station to pay for last night and for tonight. $16 each night, seems a little high as we have to pay for the showers, but we will see how other places – what their prices are.

The lake is a little low, but not too bad and the cliffs of limestone. Laura is the geologist – she likes to know about the rocks.

While we were walking along, we came to this slight ridge and as far as you could see, suburbia! No wonder this is one of the most popular state parks in Colorado. They get over 1.5 million visitors a year, probably all on the lake. Thankfully, we are here during the week and in the fall, so there are not very many people here now.

There is an Amphitheater at the park and it is really cool – it has a sun dial on the one side and a compass on the other side, plus ways to see the movements of the sun. We were really impressed with this, and I am sure they have interesting programs during the summer.

The diagram explains the amphitheater better and how they have laid out the seats and the poles to see the solstices and the equinox.

Sasha went off on his motorcycle, after trying for an HOUR to get mine to start. Very frustrating for him. I can hear him driving around somewhere.

The Good and The Bad of Autumn Weather

The night of September 7th was a little bit of a disappointment but the first part of the night was great. Sasha cooked hamburgers on the fire that he made – got it nice and roaring – and they have grill tops here, so the hamburgers and pitas went right into the grill. We sliced up a tomato, and had a beer each and when we were done, we were looking at the fire for a little while.

All of a sudden, it got dark and the winds totally picked up – gusting in fact. So I quickly got all of the food stuff together and made it back to our campsite (we were at another campsite since our fire ring was so close to the rig, it was scary to have a fire there.)

We had taken a bunch of stuff out of the trailer and so we had to mash it all back in (we were afraid that it was going to pour.) We put out the fire with a couple of buckets of water and left the rest of the firewood there for others to take.  We took showers and went to bed without marshmallows, boo hoo.

We got up on Friday, left the campground around 11:15 [almost Crack of Noon Club time] and we are going to a Wal-Mart to stock up. We will be off-line for a while, as we are going into an area that does not get service with either the cell phones or air cards. We will report back in on Tuesday, when I go into town for supplies and to do some work.

End of the day mileage: 24,640 miles.

We went 185 miles in two days, because on September 7th, we did not travel.
We drove from Lake Pueblo State Park to Taylor Reservoir and Park.


These are the expenses for the last two days. It includes the expenses of September 6 when we were traveling to this campground, and leaving the campground on September 8.

$32 for two nights at State Park
$2 for showers
$5 for laundry
$366.41 for diesel with average price of diesel at $2.97 a gallon
$94.77 Walmart purchases
$22.59 Gas for motorcycles

To Taylor Reservoir and Park and its pictures.


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