Large Companies Can Be Evil

Several Bad Companies Bring Buyers’ Remorse

The Bad Businesses of March 2008

First one Rite-Aid:

Weekend March 14-16th: I’m still getting over the cold, Sasha went into work on the Friday, March 14th. We are getting things organized for leaving the camp, so putting food in boxes, putting books away, and figuring what needs to be given away and what we need to take.

On Sunday, we got our passport pictures done at Rite-Aid. What a rip-off! for $7.99 they take your picture and give you 6 photos – you only need two, WHY 6! It is the same photo! Anyway, the pics are done, we will go on Tuesday to get the passports. Also, for some reason, the people that were supposed to come this weekend, did not so we had the place to ourselves. They pay ahead of time, so they lost their money to be there.

Second One: Sport & Health

March 17th: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This week is going to be crazy, we have people checking in and out three times this week. Had a group come in on Monday – three hours earlier than they were supposed to, with no permit paperwork done. So I had to rush around getting everything done.

Called up Sport & Health (the gym that we have been going to almost for a year) to make sure that we truly are cancelled and that we won’t be charged another month.It was a real hassle to cancel with them with multiple phone calls. I actually tried canceling a month earlier and it did not work then. Now it seems to have worked. I’ll check in April to make sure that is really the case.

Last One: The WORST – Camping World

March 18th: I went into the office with Sasha, but first we went to Camping World to drop off the truck camper. Our heating unit of the AC (that they had installed) had stopped working last fall, and we wanted them to fix it. It was still under warranty (as it was less than a year old.) Let’s just say, NEVER AGAIN! Never again will we go to Camping World for a big product like an AC unit. They BITE THE BIG ONE!!! Enough Said.

No, Not Enough Said as the next day was The LONG Day: March 19th: We went back to Camping World to pick up the Truck Camper. They were not able to fix the AC unit as they did not have the heating unit part – which was definitely faulty. IT TOOK over an hour to get the paperwork stating that we were not going to be charged for the repair work. Like I stated before, NEVER AGAIN would we buy anything big from them. Actually we decided, never again would we buy from them.  I took their advertising off of our website. I would never again suggest buying from them. I do not know if it is just this Camping World or the corporate ideology, but there is no point.

The hassles we went through with this company, and their corporate policy to wring out as much money from Newbie RVers is a mistake. The more people know that Camping World is bad for RVers, the more the possibility that they may take a hit. Have you ever had a problem with them? Let us know down below…

I don’t like complaining but that was three stores in one month that were just bad. They either had horrible customer service, no way to get rid of their service, or charging more for a small service.

Does this mean that I did not go to Rite-Aid anymore? Nope, I still went to it occasionally, but I might have switched to CVS or another one instead. We never stepped foot into another Camping World nor Sport & Health Gym.  I definitely took the Camping World advertising off of my website. I am not about to praise them to ripe other people off. That does not lead to good karma.



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