Maintain and Insure

The Finances of Living in a Truck Camper:
March 2009

Apartment Living

Applying for Jobs & Sasha working full-time

March – Maintain and Insure

Us & NPS

Laura & Sasha at Cape Hatteras

March –  Maintaining and Insuring means sprucing (maintaining) and getting ourselves ready (Insuring) for the next adventure. Adventure comes in many ways, and this lifestyle is an adventure for us.

We just had to wait for some good things to happen based on work we did in the past.

March was an interesting month because I got the answers I wanted finally! Another goal made possible by working pretty hard to make it so. I got a call for a Park Ranger position in Cape Hatteras National Seashore in Buxton, North Carolina!!! Yahoo and Finally! Especially since I had been applying for over four months!! Next month means that Sasha and I will be separated I start my new job and Sasha ends his old job.

Living in a house: We hope to never experience living with another couple and have such loss of control. Not being able to fix our food and being “smoked out” created unhealthy and stressful conditions and caused us to spend more.

Expenses for March 2009

  • Food, Food and Household: $198.49
  •         , Provisions: $89.14
  •         , Out to Eat: $298.75
  • Transportation, Car Gas: $174.64
  •                        , Car/Truck, Maintenance: $444.08
  •                        , Car/Truck, Insurance: $537.64
  •                        , Motorcycle, Gas: $9.51
  •                        , Motorcycle, Maintenance: $513.42
  •                        , Motorcycle, Insurance: $99.00
  • Utilities, Rent: $550.00
  • Camper Expenses: Services: $58.51
  • Communication, Postage: $5.33
  •                          , Cell Phone (L): $45.67
  •                          , Cell Phone (S): $91.34
  • Health, Insurance (L): $113.00
  •            , Gym: $112.50
  • Recreation, Gifts: $16.04
  •                  , Fun Stuff: $14.58
  •                  , Books: $6.25

Total Expenses = $3,377.19

Getting Ourselves Ready For What Lies Ahead


Well, the reason it is high is because while we were getting ourselves healthy, we were getting our vehicles ready for the road. We did serious amounts of maintenance on the truck, car, and motorcycle. Boy, I can not wait to get rid of the car, one less thing to deal with. It is still a good car, not much maintenance is necessary (the amount was for the truck but I lumped it together.) We also paid for insurance for all of the vehicles, that will go down once we sell the car.

Unfortunately Eating Unhealthy Food Mean More $$

So the grocery list looks high, but that was because we gave a bunch of food to Sasha – all prepared foods that we normally do not eat. And I did go out and get provisions, happens every time I go to Aldi. This time I went a little overboard to get dried fruits – bought over $50 of dried blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, cherries, and apricots. We will not have to worry about berries this spring and hopefully by May, I will be picking fruit to dry around North Carolina.

We also ate out too much – we paid more for eating out than groceries. But again, that situation should change with the next month. I will have a kitchen again, and will eat better foods.

Driving Season Increases Gas Prices

Gas prices were not too bad, we would go in together most often, and then I would take the car and do whatever needed to be done that day. But I did notice the prices have started to go up. Thankfully, next month I will be walking to work, and Sasha will be doing the motorcycle, so it will not be as bad.

Sometimes Month to Month is Not So Great

This is the last month for rent in an apartment, they increased it an extra $50. Don’t really know why, they said because of water, but we were not there that often this month, taking showers at the club, but OH Well, it is over and so no big deal.

We bought some stuff for the camper, water filters and water hose, so that is the Camper Services.

Talking To Parks Across US

Our communication this month was high, as I was on the phone for interviews in the beginning of the month and went through 450 minutes like within a week. But those interviews got me the job, so $45 is an OK price to pay for a job. We also sent some stuff out, as Sasha sold some books through Amazon, so that was good.

Health and Recreation

Regarding Health – we joined a health club for a month (love the month to month plans!) I tried it out first, and loved it, and then I went back and joined up. It helped a bunch towards the end of the month March 31st and into April when we were living in the camper.

We did go to the movies again, so that was our fun stuff – took in two movies in one shot! Popcorn for dinner, having some fun. Plus got a newspaper one Sunday, so we had fun reading that.

March 18th was Daniel Miles birthday, so gift and card was important, and Sasha gave money to a baby shower. I don’t think he went to the shower, but got some good snacks afterwards.

Fabulous News! 

Got a job with the National Park Service, found out in March to work in April. Cape Hatteras National Seashore picture now makes sense, yes?

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