Mosey Our Way Thru

Mosey Our Way Through The Last 3 States

One of the best ways to travel is by RV. You can:

  • Enjoy the ride or the drive
  • Stop when you want to
  • Stay in unusual places
  • Self-contained means you have: electricity, water, & sewer (in our case, big tanks!)
First Boondocking of October

First Boondocking Spot in October 2016

We stayed two nights in Blackfoot, ID, at Sage Hill Travel Center and Casino because the weather was bad.

But the sky was beautiful when we left, so this picture is from the day we left.

We stayed three nights in Texaco Truck Stop I-15 Exit 376 in Tremonton, UT because we were visiting with Sasha’s brother and visited Crystal Hot Springs as well.

We want to thank Bo – #100YardsBo – for visiting with us and helping to celebrate my birthday.

Yes, it can be weird staying at a truck stop, but at the same time, very safe.

First of October

Second Boondocking Spot under Arby’s Sign

We plan to mosey to Hanksville, UT as we need to be there by October 10th.  Along the way through to Utah, where we got together with Sasha’s brother, Bo, during my birthday.

We have a few pictures of the first week of October and the first bit of time on the road, although none of the Hot Springs as I did not want my phone to get wet. We did do that this past spring. I will have to find the pictures from then.

Travel Day – October 7, 2016

We are now in the Ogden area and wanted to get through Salt Lake City, UT before the traffic of Friday. Alas, We do not think that will happen. We will let you know. We just want to get over the Soldiers Summit pass by tonight.

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