Moving and Maintenance Woes

The Finances of Living in a Truck Camper:
November 2008

Workamper Living to Apartment Living

Unexpectedly Move Again This Month

November – Moving and Maintenance Woes

Our RV Spot

Our RV Spot

November is pretty bad because of an unexpected move to an apartment at the end of the month. At least, on the bright side, our transportation costs will go down.

Expenses for November 2008

  • Food, Food and Household: $160.77
  • Food, Provisions: $105.28
  • Food, PYO/Farmers Market: $12.30
  • Food, Out to Eat: $207.67
  • Clothing, All: $0
  • Transportation, Tolls: $0
  • Transportation, Car Gas: $82.05
  • Transportation, Diesel: $168.60
  • Transportation, Motorcycle, Gas: $24.90
  • Transportation, Registration, Car: $6.00
  • Transportation, Car, Oil Change: $23.28
  • Transportation, Motorcycle, Maintenance: $360.91
  • Housing, Utilities, Propane: $60.27
  • Housing, Rent (3 months): $1,500.00
  • Camper Expenses, Services & Stuff: $214.08
  • Communication, Cell Phone (Sasha): $30.45
  • Communication, Cell Phone (Laura): $45.67
  • Communication, Hosting: $29.94
  • Communication, Hardware, New Laptop: $418.91
  • Communication, Hardware, Cable: $20.99
  • Health, Insurance (Laura): $113.00
  • Health, Gym: $84.00
  • Health, Dentist: $197.00
  • Health, Haircut: $15.00
  • Recreation, Books/iPod: $30.00
  • Recreation, Fun Stuff, Yarn: $11.58

Total Expenses = $3,953.59

Expenses ARE WAY High

Everything seems very high this month, with a major hit on housing, maintenance, and buying a new laptop. However, it could have been worse, we could have had a mortgage and a house on top of these expenses. At least we don’t have to deal with a house too.

Still Stocking Up & Picking Fresh Fruit

The food expenses were not too bad, considering we got a ton of provisions, I really went wild this month. If you put the provisions and the farmers market together, it is almost the same amount as regular food and household amounts. The Out to Eat category has been about the same amount for the last couple of months…the McDonalds has been so close and so easy. Obviously, we are not going to continue to do that.

Transportation Costs Decrease But… 

Transportation was high this month because of Sasha’s flat tire and having to buy a new tire. I also got an oil change for the Saturn. It will be nice when we only have one vehicle, less maintenance that we have to worry about, just more miles on one vehicle.  It has been nice that the price of gas and diesel has gone down, that bill would have been double.

Utilities and RENT

Utilities: Well, in the beginning of November, we winterized the water lines, to comply with the campground. So at the same time, we got a larger tank of propane. Of course, we did not use it all but one of my co-workers was able to use it.

We bartered with him to fix our  ceiling heater (Sasha was supposed to fix that way back last year…but he was busy and Steve knew how to do it, so better this way) and he got the propane as payment. I think it was a pretty good trade. And of course, you can see we have RENT, the first in a LONG time. That is for 3 months’ rent, so we are paid up to and including February. So rent will not show up on December, January and February’s Expense sheets.

In a sense, it is like forced savings.

Camper Services $$ Even When in Storage

Camper Services included the rental space for 6 months for the trailer and camper, once we got them back from repair. Of course, we also had some expenses in the beginning for winterizing the camper, but I paid for them through working at the campground.

The Laptop Saga Ends With a Refurbished One

Communication this month was high, because I bought a laptop.

My old one, you probably know the saga by now, was driving me crazy and around the middle of the month, it just refused to turn on. I had had it, I was ready to kick the computer clear across the parking lot. But instead, I got a refurbished computer for $399 plus tax. It is a Dell, wide screen. We changed the hard drive to a larger size, the new hard drive that I had bought for the old laptop last month.  Also got a cable there at the store, that could transfer the old data to the new computer tons faster.

The hosting on the website came due this month for 6 months of hosting, and thanks to you and others helping with the affiliate links & ads, we can generate revenue to pay for the hosting. Obviously we are not making tons of money, but maybe someday they will help pay for more of our web expenses.

The phone both needed to be updated, so I got 450 minutes and Sasha got 300 minutes. I seem to talk more, plus more people know my phone number rather than Sasha’s so our family calls us on mine.

Waiting Too Long Can Cost You Money

Health: Even though we cancelled the gym membership, we will still get a charge in December, because you need to give them 30 days notice. We waited too long, so have to pay. And since the FSA money (before tax money taken out of Sasha’s paycheck) had run out like in June, we had to pay for Sasha’s dental bill. Next year will be better, we will put more money in. Oh and Sasha got a haircut as our electric razor stopped working (shucks, now I can’t continue giving Sasha “OOPs” haircuts.)

When The Music Died

The Recreation stuff was, basically the iPod, it died. Well the hard drive died and so their warranty is $30 to ship and handle a refurbished one back to us. Kinda stinks, but it is better than paying several hundred for a new one. And then I got needles and yarn to make a scarf, while I was with my Mom. Let’s just say that at Christmas, Mom had a scarf and I just had some yarn. Really have to get back and work on it some more. I got a little frustrated with it, when Mom is not around, can’t ask anyone how to do it, and you really need to see it being done.

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