New Decade In a New RV!

The Finances of Living in a Fifth Wheel Toyhauler!
January 2010

Traveling WITH New Rig

Winter Traveling Times

January – New Decade In a New RV! 

Us and Colorado River @ Lake Mead

Us and Colorado River @ Lake Mead

January – Volunteering in Las Vegas at Lake Mead National Recreation Area means gambling and checking out casinos on the strip.

If all goes according to plan, we will volunteer in the winter (which ended up being only a couple of months: January and February) and work/volunteer for six months at a National Park. Then head to Texas for some driver licenses and then back East for a couple of months. Then hopefully back to Nevada in the month of December. That is the hope anyway.

January 2010 – In Nevada, at Lake Mead National Recreation Area, and close to Las Vegas. How much money did we waste on Gambling?

Expenses for January 2010

  • Food, Food and Household: $137.94
  •         , Out to Eat: $207.69
  • Transportation, Diesel: $359.59
  •                        , Truck Maintenance: $61.23
  •                        , Camper, Equipment: $36.15
  • Utilities, Propane: $17.78
  •             , Campgrounds/Motels: $38.92
  • Communication, Cell Phones: $0
  •                          , Verizon: $60.07
  •                          , Post Box: $75.00
  • Health, Insurance (L): $152.00
  •           , Insurance (S): $0
  • Recreation, Fun Stuff: $84.00
  •                  , Gambling: $100.00
  •                  , Books: $26.21

Total Expenses = $1,356.57

Volunteering Pays in Nice Ways

Well, it was not as much as before, which is good. I was volunteering for Lake Mead National Recreation Area, so our housing and utilities were paid for, we topped up for the propane. We were not buying that much food to eat in as my parents came out for about 10 days, and so we were in Sedona for a while with them, and other places, so we ate out a bit more. We also gambled a bit, did not really win anything but it was fun to play.

Utilities of a Volunteer Campground

Of course whenever you go to a new place to park it for a while, it seems that every campground or volunteer/employee spot is different and therefore needs different things. At this one we needed to get another house heater (it got cold there baby!), another door mat (cause ours flew out of the truck back…don’t know how, but it did), and a hose elbow for the rig (I am not sure where that was supposed to go…I just see these things on the receipts and put them down, I do not know what it was for.)

Communication Expense 

We also got a Post Net Box – meaning that at Lake Mead there was no way to get mail, so we had to get our own mailbox. We used Post Net for that. We found out afterwards that the post office would have done it as General Delivery for free. But what can you say, except live and learn. We had great internet and cell phone access, being so close to civilization.

Health Insurance While Healthy

We paid for Sasha’s health insurance in December and did not have to pay again until February 1st, so that is why it is not showing for January. Mine of course, we pay every month.

Geology Rocks! And Other Fun Stuff

We did some fun stuff, actually got a Nevada State parks pass for the year – it cost more than the yearly pass for National Parks! Oh well, what can you do?

I also got a book A Geologic and Natural History Tour through NV & AZ

I needed it for the program that I wrote. Although I did not present the program, I did write it and show it to the District Interpreter and my boss Bertha. They both thought it was good. I even made a PowerPoint presentation, but was not able to present before it was time to go.

***Present Day Laura, I still have that book, which I use as we go into Las Vegas. It is a beautiful book with history items in it too.***

Beginning of a new year with a new gig and rig. We thought we would be here a little while but found out something great was going to happen….

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