Nine Mile Canyon

Uraling Scenic Roads

Nine Mile Canyon is NOT 9 miles, but a bit more than that. We did not take it all the way, only to a famous Fremont petroglyph. Fremont is the style, date, and culture of the time. Petroglyphs are rock carvings, while petrographs are images drawn or painted on rock.

The first 25 miles while beautiful scenery, did not have much in the way of history or culture. We kept climbing up higher and higher, finally seeing aspens in their fall colors. Alas, I did not get one picture of the aspens as the light was wrong, and I would be shooting into the sun.

The last 25 miles we kept looking for things like balanced rocks, and petroglyphs along the road, but did not find them. Yet the last three stops we made, we found some beauties. Please check them out below.

Gallery of October 9, 2016

We really enjoyed ourselves, and managed to make it back to watch the second presidential debate at 7 pm Mountain Daylight Time. It meant getting out of the canyon faster, and no pictures or stopping, but that was OK for the both of us.

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