Note to Readers

What is Going On? Note to Readers

Why are your posts so old, Laura & Sasha? 

Ok, we do not want to freak you out. You see a picture of a place in 2013 on our pages and then you see our truck, camper and trailer from 2006. What is going on?

Well, we are updating the website, starting basically from scratch. Yikes! Says Laura.

But we want to share our story with everyone, and people have been clamoring for more – more financial and expenses, boondocking and living off grid, campgrounds and work experiences. And the pictures, my god, the Pictures!

Which means you will be seeing posts from 2007 or 2006 or even 2005 mixed in with pictures and galleries of pictures from 2016. Crazy we know.

We will do our best to date our posts with the proper dates. We are still in a learning process.

Sasha will be writing posts of the 2016 fun we are having, and Laura will be playing catch-up of our past events, posts, and writings. It will take time but you shall see some new things coming up pretty much every day.

We know it is crazed, and you can tell us it is so, but we really cannot do anything about it now.

We hope you understand.

Thank you for looking, sharing, and commenting!

Just remember, Life Is Good!

3 thoughts on “Note to Readers

  1. Bill Downing

    I am writing with questions about your decal removal video.
    I have heard from a body shop owner that the 3M rubber eraser wheels shouldn’t be used as they harm the gelcoat.
    Did you have any problems?

    1. Laura Post author

      We did not have any problems. However, I do not know about this gelcoat stuff.
      I will have Sasha respond to your question once he gets back.
      Thank you,

  2. Sasha

    Bill, we had no issues with the 3M rubber eraser wheel harming the gelcoat. Keep in mind our vinyl graphics were SERIOUSLY degraded by desert sun, faded and cracking. The ONLY way some of those graphics were coming off was with a power eraser wheel.

    Now, if your rig had less sun exposure and the vinyl wasn’t as old as our 2006 model, a power eraser wheel might not be your first choice.

    In those situations, I would start with a heat gun and plastic scraper and see how it goes. If that works, you won’t need the power eraser wheel.

    If it doesn’t, you will need to bust it out. But again, on our rig, we had no issues with the 3M rubber eraser wheel harming the gelcoat. There were some initial burn marks on some removed edges, but they faded away pretty fast after washing and waxing.

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